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You can visit to read and learn more about section 8 houses.

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Q: Where can I find information about section 8 houses?
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Where can one get information to Section 8 Houses?

One can get information regarding Section 8 Houses on-line at several websites such as housinglink and wikihow. Both of these supply information and advice pertaining to Section 8 Houses.

Where can one find information on Section 8 houses for rent in Oklahoma City?

The Oklahoma City Housing Authority has an official website that has a tab just for Section 8 Housing. Under the tab there is a long list of everything about Section 8, including a list of rentals.

Where can I find information for low income houses in Mississippi?

The best place to go is to your section 8 housing authority in your local municipality. You can also look for more information online by typing in the city you live in and then check for section 8 housing that way also.

Where can I find information on section 8 homes for rent in florida?

A good place to find information on section 8 homes is It has loads of information ands is a dependable resource

Where can I find a listing of section 8 houses available for rent?

Local and regional housing authorities often make lists of available Section 8 properties. Some urban areas have waiting list for Section 8 three to seven years long. Availability of the information depends on the area in question.

How do I find houses for rent that accept section 8?

Where can you find more information pertaining to section 8 apartments?

You can check online for more information about section 8 apartments in your area. You could also call up someone that deals with section 8 apartments and see if they can provide you with information.

Can an individual apply for section 8 to rent out houses?

Yes, an individual can apply to rent out a house under Section 8. In order to find out if you qualify, visit

are there any section 8 houses available in salem new hampshire?

are there any section 8 houses available in salem New hampshire?

What is a good place to find Section 8 houses for rent in CT?

Most real estate rental listings will include whether a home for rent is Section 8 approved. For a listing of only Section 8 homes, a good directory would be GoSection8. Or a person looking for Section 8 housing in a specific community could contact the local housing agency for information.

What are the requirements to live in section 8 houses?

Section 8 eligibility is determined by income and family size.

What are section 8 houses used for?

Section 8 houses are for people or families with low-income. These houses are usually for people who want to live in privately owned housing and receive some sort of rental assistance.

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