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Fabric shower curtains have a better look to them than the cheap appearing plastic curtains. But be aware, fabric curtains do need to be washed or they will smell terrible.

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Q: Where can I find information on fabric shower curtains?
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What are the best decors for fabric shower curtains?

Amazon is a terrific resource to find yourself curtains to purchase for your bathroom. They have tons of fabric shower curtains to choose from at the right price for you.

Where can you find shower curtains for kids on sale?

You can find shower curtains for kids on Target or by looking online on eBay or anywhere else. These are not rare and you can find them anywhere you look in.

How can someone make some good boys curtains?

Curtains can be made with a sewing machine fabric, and thread. One should find a pattern for curtains in a fabric store and follow the pattern to make the curtains.

Where can one find Christmas themed shower curtains?

A popular place to buy Christmas themed shower curtains is online at BedBathStore. Other sites that sell Christmas themed shower curtains are Amazon, CafePress and PopularHomeCollections.

What stores sell extra long shower curtains?

You can purchase shower curtains from Walmart or Target. Stay away from bargain bin stores as their shower curtains will be a cheaper grade and not as long. Sears also provides longer more decorative shower curtains if you can't find a good fit somewhere else.

Where can you find hooks for gazebo curtains?

I used shower curtain hooks

Where can one purchase shower curtains and bath accessories?

Shower curtains and bath accessories can be found for purchase at many different retailers. Local chain pharmacies are one place you can find these products.

Where can one find more information about velvet curtains?

There is much information to find out if one plans on using velvet curtains. One should know how to decorate with velvet curtains and how to care for them. If one wanted to find out more information about velvet curtains, one can go to Dal Design, Overstock and wiseGEEK for more information.

Which fabrics are used to make curtains?

You can use just about any fabric you want to make curtains. That's the beauty of fabric; you can take a random piece of cloth and make it into a set of curtains. Most curtains that you find in stores are made mostly from cotton and some even have a rubber backing applied to them to help with insulation.

Where can I find mildew-resistant vinyl shower curtains?

You will always have to change your curtain once in a while, but heavier vinyl shower curtains resist mildew more. Amazon sells these curtains for a fair price, and they're very nice. They will last you at least a year, if that.

Where can one purchase holiday themed shower curtains?

There are a number of retailers where one can find holiday themed shower curtains available for purchase including Bed Bath Store, Cafe Press, Bed Bath & Beyond and Target.

Where can one find more information about hospital curtains?

One can find more information about hospital curtains when one contacts companies like Bio Technics. This company sells endurocide hospital disposable cubicle curtains that are antimicrobial.

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