Where can I find information on professional liability insurance for physician's assistants?


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You will need professional liability insurance, this will just help ensure that you are covered. A physician's assistant is usually covered through the physician's professional liability insurance but it never hurts to have your own on top of that.

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Professional liability insurance is something that people who are doctors or special physicians need. You can sign up for this at professional insurance companies like State Farm.

Generally the best place to find information on professional insurance is with a national group for your profession. For instance, if one is a counselor they can secure insurance through the American Counseling Association.

No. Health plans are health insurance plans. Health care providers are made up of physicians, physican assistants, nurse practitioners, and such.

Wikipedia has some great information about Professional Indemnity Insurance. I would start there. If that doesn't answer your questions, you could check the library.

Professional liability limits vary from physician to physician, but $1M/$3M is the most commonly offered and purchased policy.

Yes. Medical liability insurance is required of all practicing physicians in all 50 states, whether it is paid by doctors directly or by an organization they work for. Clarification: Per the Insurance Department of the State of New York, NY physicians are not required to carry medical malpractice/professional liability. I can't speak for Maryland or other states.

You can ask many health insurance institutes for further information about their health insurance plans. They will be pleased to give you professional advice.

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Yes, physicians must have privileges at a hospital in order to participate in an insurance. If they do not have those privileges, the insurance company will not pay for care.

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company has an A+ rating from Weiss Ratings and is in an elite group of six life and health insurance companies representing the top 1% of the industry.

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To get complete information about Anthem insurance, go to If you would like to research Anthem's professional reputation, check with the insurance governing board for your state.

Malpractice insurance is a form of Professional liability insurance usually tailored for persons or firms practicing in the legal and medical professions. Malpractice insurance is the term used for Professional Liability insurance in the Medical and certain other professional fields.

Physicians Mutual is an Omaha-based insurance company with more than 900 employees and nearly 1,000 agents nationwide.

Physicians Mutual is an Omaha-based insurance company with more than 900 employees and nearly 1,000 agents nationwide.

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One can find more information about commercial premises insurance by talking to companies that offer this service. Alternatively, one can consult a professional on this topic.

Errors and omissions insurance is for professional people such as doctors and lawyers. If you are not a professional then you do not have to purchase E&O insurance.

2600 Dodge Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68131 That is the address for both Physicians Mutual and Physicians Life Insurance Company.

A physician can be found through a health insurance provider. The company allows access to a network of different physicians of different specialties. The more affordable physicians are within network of the insurance provider.

No matter how large your insurance claims, That's the way you want to know. Make a difference everywhere you want to be, And your insurance knows ourselves to be with you. But the best is yet with Physicians Mutual. We're here when you need us, No matter how insurance claims. We're here when you need us, Your family and friends. We're here when you need us, With Physicians Mutual Insurance Company. We're here when you need us, Physicians Mutual.

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The professional indemnity insurance covers businesses and individuals who specialize in providing services. Professional indemnity insurance helps those who are accused of negligence or malpractice.

Yes, you can contact an insurer of your choice offering professional lines coverage to obtain a professional liability insurance quote.

Healthcare Providers Service Organization offers professional liability insurance and risk management information to a wide array of healthcare and counseling professionals.

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