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I believe WebMD is a place which could know about child safety car seats. Its seems they could have a idea about what is safe and not is safe for your kid.

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Q: Where can I find information on the best child safety car seats?
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Are car booster seats regulated?

Car booster seats have been regulated for quite some time. If you have a hand me down booster seat for your child it would be best to throw it out and purchase one that was manufactured by the current standards for safety.

What are the best booster seats?

According to the Today Show, the Evenflo Sightseer, Generations 65, Express and Chase all have won awards for safety, durability, and price to keep your child safe. However, check with the IIHS to make sure you get the most up to date information.

What is the best car seat for a Dodge Durango?

I just saw on the news about baby car seats and there have been studies done on the American/Canadian child car seats. Canada has much stricter safety regulations regarding children's car seats and they can be bought in the States. Turn the car seat over and you'll see a red Canadian Maple Leaf on it. There will be a safety message on the underside as well. Don't go cheap on your baby's car seat! It doesn't matter what type of car, truck, etc., you have it's the car seat that matters. Talk to the salesperson in a good store and pay the price for the safety of your child.

Which are the best child safety products on the market?

Among the best child safety products on the market are outlet plugs (safety plugs for outlets around the house), floating safety bath pals, and window blind cord wrap ups. Other safety products in the top 10 are drawer latches and table edge bumpers.

What is the safest child car seat for my newborn baby?

The most important part of safety in car seats is the fit. The safety seat needs to fit your automobile and your child. I would contact your local police station to see if they can help with finding the right fit for your needs. The next step would be choosing a seat to fit your needs. I would begin with Safety 1st, Graco and Snug Ride. They seem to be the best choices.

What safety information would leave out in the workplace?

What is the best answer for Consider how you would gather information on workplace safety, Since there is so mush information how would you decide what to use and what to leave out

What could affect my rights to custody of my child?

Any factors that address the health, safety, and/or best interest of the child.

Who makes the best car seat for babies?

Consumer Reports provides great reviews and ratings for car seats. They even have recommendations and information for which seats are best for your model and style of vehicle.

Which car seats for babies have the highest ratings?

According to parents dot com, the best car safety seats include the Graco SnugRide 35 which is the country's best selling. This costs under two-hundred dollars total.

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Where is the best place for information about baby toy safety?

There is a British Standard for toy safety and there is a consumer's guide to toy safety available from the BSI group website. Information is also available from the Toy Retailers' Association website in the 'safety' section.

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