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Where can I find level ups in Pokemon Diamond?

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ok well there is no such thing as a "level up" in Pokemon. you can "level up" a Pokemon by battleing and winning, but you can't find a "level up". but there is a such thing as a rare candy. a rare candy levels up your Pokemon up by one, for example: If your Pokemon was level 63 and you used a rare candy on it it would become level 64 instantly. there are about 5 rare candies in various areas, and i am not sure where those areas are because i forgot. but there are unlimited rare candies you can get at the battle tower. you can't access the battle tower unless you have beat the elite four. at the battle tower you battle and get battle points and rare candies there cost 48 battle points, and it takes a while to get that much battle points because every 7 battles you get only 3 battle points.

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How do you get 999 HP UPs in Pokemon diamond?

Action Replay.

What does the silk scarf do in Pokemon diamond?

It ups Normal-type moves.

Pokemon Diamond Action Replay Cheat for 999 hp ups?

i dont know but look up 999 hp ups on google

Where do you buy pp ups in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you cant you find them

Which floor do you buy pp ups on in Pokemon diamond?

you can't buy have to find. to help you should use your finder in you poketech (the watch thing with loads of apps) hope i helped

What item that can raise up your HP in Pokemon diamond?

An Hp Up can raise the HP of your pokemon. You can buy HP Ups in the Veilstone Department store.

How do you get a turtwig without getting it for a starter Pokemon in diamond?

i think you can do the same thing for pearl. which is: go to the UPS place

Does Pokemon pearl have PP ups?

Yes. There a little tricky to find

What are some Pokemon with great speed?

Best speed Pokemon for Diamond/Perl Deoxys with 453 speed (if you use the power ups) but regularly is 405 speed

Where can you get pp ups on Pokemon black?

Nowhere. However, there are feathers that you can find on the Driftveil Drawbridge, which mimic pp ups, hp ups, zinc, carbos, etc.

How do you raise pp in Pokemon platinum?

you find pp ups throughout your adventure

Where can you buy pp ups on Pokemon Platinum?

You can not get PP ups in Pokemon platinum.

Were to find a boar on adventure quest?

I'm won level ups faster

What level does laravista evolve in Pokemon black?

Larvesta evolves into Volcarona at Level 70 holding the Powder that ups Bug-Type moves.

How do you get infinite hp ups in Pokemon diamond with action replay?

its impossible unless you have action replay. theres a code in that will help you

Is there an action replay code to get 999 hp ups on Pokemon diamond?

yes there is i just don't know it if i did i would give it to you. but ya...

What level would you train my Pokemon to in order to beat the Pokemon League on Emerald?

you should have to level 70+S then some level 50+ as back ups and for healing use the cheap herbs that can be bought at lavender town

Where are all the pp ups on Pokemon Platinum?

You need to find them or buy them at Veilstone City.

Where do you find or buy pp ups in Pokemon pearl?

You can win them in the lottery in Juniville city.

What is razor claw?

You use it for at least the two that I know of, there could be more. 1. "An item to be held by a Pokemon. It is a sharply hooked claw that ups the holder's critical-hit ratio." 2.Equip a Sneasel and level it up during the game's nighttime(8pm to 4am), and it will evolve into Weavile.(only in Pokemon diamond and Pokemon pearl)

What Pokemon evolves from a hard stone on Pokemon diamond?

none a hard stone powers up moves -> Hard stone power ups rock type moves, it doesn't cause a Pokemon to evolve in anyway.

Where can you find pp ups in Pokemon LeafGreen?

go to for all Pokemon relatd questions. helped me out tremendously on my white version.

How do you get level ups on moshi monster?

You get level ups on moshi monsters by keeping your monster happy.

How do you level up a pokemons happieness level in Pokemon diamond?

To make a pokemon's happiness go up you have to care for it. For example: not letting it faint in battle, using items on it (potions, hp ups, pp ups, ect), and giving it poffins. There are also certain berries that say it will increase it's happiness or "friendship", but will ower it's base hp, pp, defense, attack, sp defense, or sp attack.

How do you make your Pokemon happier in Pokemon Platinum?

if your Pokemon level ups, its happiness will increase automatically. but if you give your Pokemon a soothe bell, its happiness will increase faster, and it will evolve faster (by certain Pokemon). also return will do more damage

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