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There are many different websites that offer cheap hotels. You can check type in the area you will staying in followed by the dates. This will bring up a list of cheap hotels in the area you are looking to travel in.

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Q: Where can I find some cheap hotels?
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What are some cheap hotels in Oslo?

Cheap hotels in Oslo can be found on any hotel finder website. There are some great websites for this and you can find 5 star hotels that are decently cheap.

Where can you find cheap Dubai hotels online?

On a website called last minute you can find cheap dubai hotels. Hotels dot com also features many listings of cheap Dubai hotels where you can find cheap hotels in Dubai.

Where is a cheap hotel for a vacation?

There are some cheap hotels in las vegas that you can find. HEre are some places where you can find these rates:, or

Where can one find cheap hotels?

One can find cheap hotels by looking on the following websites: Hotwire, Cheap Hotels, Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and Cheap Tickets.

What are some cheap hotels in Manhattan?

There are many places to find cheap hotels in Manhattan. In Manhattan, there are some low priced available hotels that can offer a rewarding stay and visit. These hotels are places such as Belnord Hotel, Park 79 Hotel, Comfort Inn, and Holiday Inn Express.

Where can one find the prices of some cheap hotels in New York in Manhattan?

You can find the prices of some cheap hotels in New York, in Manhattan by visiting the websites NCYGo, Hotels, and even on Expedia. Hotels, and Expedia can be used for any other hotels anywhere else too.

Where could one find cheap hotels in Doral?

One can find cheap hotels in Doral through several different online websites. Some of these include: Expedia, Hotels, Booking Buddy, and Montrose Travel.

Where can one find cheap hotels in Turku?

One can find cheap hotels in Turku from various sources online and at travel agencies. Some sources online are Hotels, Kayak, Ebookers, Expedia and Last Minute.

Where can one find cheap hotels in Columbus?

There are a variety of websites that offer cheap hotels in the Columbus, Ohio area. Some of these websites are Hotels, Trip Advisor, Comfort Inn and Hotwire.

What are some cheap hotels in Amsterdam?

EuroCheapo is a comically named site that specializes in cheap hotels for International places such as Amsterdam. The official Hotels site is also a great place to find cheap hotels and allows you to compare prices and get exactly what is desired.

Where can I find cheap hotels in Scottsdale?

You are able to find cheap hotels in Scottsdale by visiting the webpage. Some of the cheapest hotels are the Homestead Phoenix and Days Inn Scottsdale Fashion Square costing only $90.

Where in Phuket can one find a cheap hotel?

Depending on what your budget is, and what you consider cheap, you can find hotels as low as $50 per night. Some of these hotels are located in the heart of Patong Beach.

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