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The website Autotrader is a good place to get a car with bad credit. The way that you do it is you can negotiate the price, lease it or as long as you have a job and put half down, the dealer may let you pay the rest in payments.

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Q: Where can I get a decent car with bad credit?
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Where can one refinance their bad car credit?

One can refinance their bad car credit at different companies. Some of the companies that offer refinance of a bad car credit are Prescott Financial, Harbor Credit and Fleet Financial.

Are there apartments in Mesa that accept bad credit but are decent apartments?

a good question

Can you finance a car with no credit?

its very difficult to finance car with no credit if you have some bad credit then you have chance to get car finance.

Where can you buy a car with bad credit?

car max

Where can you learn how to get a car lease with bad credit?

You can find out how to get a car lease with bad credit on a website called Car Line which is reliable and suits every need in this instance. It is very good for people with bad credit.

Does your credit have to be good to be financed for a car?

No, you do not have to have good credit to finance a car. There are many companies out there for those with bad credit.

How can one obtain car financing if they have bad credit?

To obtain car financing with bad credit can be done by purchasing from a car lot that advertizes " buy here pay here". You will find that with bad credit you will pay a higher interest rate than if you had good credit.

Can you lease a car with bad credit?


What are some options for buying a car with bad credit?

There are many options for buying a car with bad credit. Some options for buying a car with bad credit include taking out a loan from a company and taking out a loan from a friend or family member.

Can you get car loans for bad credit?

This is an interesting question and to actually answer the question would be impossible because no car loan will cure bad credit. However, if the question is supposed to be can I get car loans with bad credit, then the answer is yes you can. It will most likely have a higher interest rate because you are a higher risk, but most dealers have lenders that approve loans for people with bad credit. Yes you can get car loans with bad credit just go interenet there are many sites available who offer car loans with bad credit just apply for car loan there they will contact you if you are eligile.

Is 650 a bad credit score?

The credit score 650 is really not that bad. With a 650 credit score you can finance a home or car.

How can you find bad credit car dealers in Detroit?

To find bad credit car dealers in Detroit, you have to consult local store owners and ask them about bad credit car dealers, and where they are located in Detroit. Or you can just use the worldwide web and search for it there.

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