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Patio umbrella with solar lights can be found at Walmart. They can also be purchased online at overstock or amazon as well as any outdoor furniture shop.

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2012-04-18 22:02:27
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Q: Where can I get a patio umbrella with solar lights?
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Where can I find a patio umbrella with solar lights?

These are some great sites that will be of use to you: and

Where can one buy patio umbrella lights online?

Amazon sells patio umbrella lights on their online store website. Other places that sell patio umbrella lights online are: Target, Overstock and Walmart.

Is it cost effective to have patio umbrellas with solar lighting?

Solar is a very efficient power source, but I think it would be more cost effective to get it for the house instead of the umbrella. solar lights might be nice but it may be better to use just a normal patio umbrella instead.

Where can I find a solar patio umbrella?

You can find solar patio umbrellas at They will show you different retail stores in your area. You could also find it at Just search solar patio umbrella when you get there.

Are there any solar patio lights available?

There are many types of solar powered patio lights. String lights, coloured lights and step lights are all available for the patio. You can buy these lights in most DIY stores and online.

Where can I find a solar umbrella on the internet?

I appreciate you for using Solar Umbrella. Here are some of the sites from which you can choose to buy solar umbrella:- Good Luck!

What's a store I could buy a patio umbrella with a solar light?

The last time I bought my patio umbrellas with solar lights at target store. We've been looking all over our area and its in target where we find the best deal.

Does Home Depot sell outdoor patio lights?

Yes Home Depot sells many different types and brands of patio lights. Tiki torches, solar powered and umbrella lights are all available at Home Depot, along with lights that can be plugged in to an outside outlet or hard wired to your home.

Where can I buy patio umbrella lights online?

Amazon carries patio umbrella lights. You can choose any designs and types you want. You can also shop at eBay for auctions and you can get one you like in a very good price.

Are solar patio lights really bright enough for night?

As long as you purchase quality lights, your solar patio lights should provide adequate light during the evening hours.

What is a solar patio umbrella and where can I get one?

A solar patio umbrella combines two ideas - shade from the sun or protection from rain as well as ambient light for nighttime entertaining. They are available from many locations such as Target, and

How could I use umbrella lights?

Umbrella lights could be used for multiple purposes. Of course you could use umbrella lights for a patio umbrella on a patio, next to a pool, at a campsite or other location where light or mood lighting is needed. You could also use umbrella lights as a party decoration for a birthday or wedding. Umbrella lighting could also be used for craft projects or decorating an older child's bedroom with tulle or other fabric draping.

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