Best Answer has a variety of different smoker grills, you can even get them custom made. Their smoker grills are prefect for all occasions and they offer them at a low price.

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Q: Where can I get an affordable smoker barbecue grill?
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Cooking Safely With A Barbecue Grill Smoker?

A barbecue grill smoker can take several hours or days to smoke foods completely. The placement of any smoker that is not on an elevated frame needs to be chosen carefully before cooking begins. If a smoker comes into contact with dead plants in a yard, dry wood on a deck or lawn debris then a fire can easily start as the heat accumulates. It is usually best to place a barbecue grill smoker over heat-resistant bricks that protect the ground and surrounding area.

What is the best overall barbecue grill smoker to buy?

There are a large variety of barbecue grill smokers to choose from. Weber, and Little Smokie are two manufacturers of smoking type grills. I would suggest going to a web site like consumer reports, or and reviewing how they rated barbecue smoker grills.

where can I get an egg barbecue grill?

The Big Green Egg is a premium quality smoker, grill and an oven, too! The Original American Designed Ceramic Cooker. Based on an ancient clay cooker called a "kamado". Who does want to buy egg barbecue grill?

Do any companies make a combination barbeque grill and smoker?

The company Black Dog makes a combination barbecue grill and smoker that is sold on Woodland Direct for $639. However, shipping right now is free on that website.

Would an outdoor barbecue be a good option for me?

All you need for successful barbecue smoker recipes. There's easy gas grill recipes that will make you the toast of the town. Lots of BBQ tips and techniques together with water smoker and gas grill reviews helping you buy the right equipment to suit you.

Barbecue Smoker Grill Combinations?

While grilling is a popular summer activity, smoking has become an extension of this area of interest. As a result, barbecue smoker grill models have become more prominently featured in home and garden departments and stores. These barbecue smoker grill options include a large grilling area for primary food preparation, along with a smaller side chamber used to create smoke to season the foods being grilled. This is an excellent gift idea for the avid griller.

Where can I find the best deal for a new barbecue smoker grill? has various smoker grills at amazing prices. they have wood, charcoal, propane, and electric smokers in a variety of sizes and colors

What are the benefits of a smoker BBQ grill?

A smoker grill have faster cooking time compared to non smoker. Also Some people like the added aroma provided by a smoker grill that a non smoker grill don't provide.

Can website reviews be trusted before I purchase a barbecue grill smoker?

You can go to any website and look up reviews on smoker barbecue grills.If that doesnt help you then head to your locate outdoor store and ask them, they should have valid information on the topic and would know the best.

Can you smoke pork on a regular grill?

The main difference between a smoker and a charcoal grill is that a smoker keeps the fire away from the food. A smoker contains the fire and keeps the temperature low enough to cook BBQ at temperatures around 200-250 degrees F. A grill is designed to cook hot and fast, but your average charcoal grill can do both. If you keep the fire small and to one side of the grill you can generate low temperatures that are the secret of real barbecue.

Where can I find the best prices on replacement parts for my Jenn air barbecue grill?

You can find replacement parts for your jenn air barbecue grill for affordable prices at a company called cla grills. Most of their offices are located in the US and this is their website

What benefits can I get for using barbecue charcoal grill?

Many say that the benefits of a barbecue charcoal grill would be the true barbecue flavor that you get from a charcoal grill. Some people prefer a gas grill over a charcoal grill strictly for the convenience, but a charcoal grill will give you a great barbecue flavor when you cook your foods on it.

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