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Where can I get information about using marijuana as a tea?

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try this...

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Is there THC in marijuana Tea?

Yes, if the tea is made with marijuana and people have not just named it that.

How to make marijuana tea?

Marijuana, Hot water and milk.

What tea does Dave Matthews drink on stage?

marijuana tea

Are male marijuana plants good for marijuana tea?

Yeah but it would just be marijuana flavored. It wont get you high.

Is it okay to drink marijuana tea when your pregnant?


Does green tea rid the body of marijuana?


Does cerasee tea clean THC out of urine?

Does cerase tea take marijuana out of system

Does yogi detox tea clear your system of marijuana?


Does green tea clean system of marijuana?


Can herbal tea get marijuana out of your system in one day?


What are facts about about marijuana?

Marijuana can be made into a tea. and Cannabis was first cultivated in China around 4000 BC. :)

What can you do to not be high on Marijuana anymore?

Stop using marijuana.

What leaves can you smoke?

Some tea leaves and buds from marijuana

Does bissy tea clean marijuana out your system?


How long does it take for green tea clean system of marijuana?

It does not clean it. Only time and not using will clean the system. The drug stays in the fat and hair cells.

Is green tea a good detox for marijuana?

Green Tea ALONE can't detox you from marijuana, obviously. But it helps in the hydration side.What you need is a whole crapload of exercise, and constant water hydration.

What are the side affect from using medical marijuana?

the same as using regular marijuana! Happy; hungry, sleepy

What was the police code for marijuana in the dragnet series?

Tea or "T". I'm not sure of the correct spelling. Most likely it was "tea".

Can you die from using the drug marijuana?

there is no recorded death in history from marijuana

What are the risks of using marijuana?

there are no risks of using marijuana if used out of a vaporizer. smoking it isn't that bad but vaporizing it is the best way. and marijuana makes u dumb lol

Does green tea help clean out your system from marijuana?

Green tea does not clean out your system but it does have the potential to prevent some forms of cancer.

How long does marijuana stay in your system if you drink it as a tea?

thirty days a month

Does green tea help remove marijuana from fat cells?

yes it does, and its also a perfect combination with marijuana for an optimal brain cells protection.

While on marijuana bad things?

no its not b/c in Jamaica they put it in they're tea and i haven't seen anyone died from a marijuana overdose

What is the biggest barrier in using marijuana for medicinal purposes?

Using marijuana, even for medicinal purposes, is illegal in most states.