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Farmers Insurance offers competitive auto insurance. Check with your local Farmers agent for quotes.

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Q: Where can I get insurance quotes for autos in Lansing, Michigan?
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Is there a special type of insurance for classic autos?

There is a special type of insurance for classic autos. If you have a classic, old style car, and you want insurance, many companies provide this insurance for it.

What certification or license is required to repossess autos or equipment as a third party business in Michigan?

. Repossesses must hold valid collection agency license & Regulation, Collection Practice Board, P.O. Box 30018, Lansing Michigan 48909, (517)241-9239.

What is the law on right of rescission in Michigan?

There is NO right of recission for autos.

Where can one find liability insurance for autos in IL?

There are many companies that provide liability insurance for autos in Illinois. Nationwide companies like All State, AAA and Geiko all provide insurance in that state.

What is the plural possessive of auto?

The plural form for the noun auto is autos. The plural possessive form is autos'.Example: Both of the autos' owners had let their insurance lapse.

Where can I find good autos insurance in DE?

I would use an online quote comparison service like That way, you can compare quotes from all the major providers for any car in any state.

What should buyers look for when comparing quotes to insure autos?

Some things a buyer should look for when comparing quotes on Auto Insurance is to know what your needs are, Check for discounts if you are affliated with a group that might get discounts. Check to see if you can get a package deal (Home owners, Renters, Life, and Auto).

Where can one find holiday autos in the UK?

Holiday Autos, a large car rental broker can be found on the internet at the company's website. You may also search for, get rates quotes, and even book your auto from their website.

What different types of insurance does Allstate offer?

Allstate carries insurance for Autos, homes, motorcycles, boats, travel, personal and other things .

What insurance companies will insure a lifted truck in Tennessee?

Any company which insures autos in Tennessee.

If your home burns down and cars are in the garage which insurance policy pay for the autos?

Auto insurance and burn down everyone Else's house to make it equal

Does homeowners insurance cover hail damage to your car in the driveway?

No, Homeowners Insurance covers houses.Auto insurance covers cars.Answerno, autos are not covered under the homeowners - contact auto comprehensive insurer

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