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You can get you diploma at your high school. You receive a diploma upon completion of a high school curriculum.


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NO a GED is under a highschool diploma you only get a GED if you did not graduate from highschool and if you have not earned a highschool diploma there are other reasons and the only way to take a GED class or test is if you do not have a highschool diploma

There is no such thing as a highschool diploma in zoology. A highschool diploma is a general qualification. There is such a thing as a college degree in zoology in which ase you can get a job as a teacher or as a research scientist working for a lab.

Is there a christian program that helps you get your ged or highschool diploma?

is this highschool diploma a scam

can you enter nursing school in Ontario without a highschool diploma The answer is NO.

I graduated from Julia Richman High School in 1976, how can I obtain a copy of my diploma?

Yes you can it is not required to have GED

A highschool diploma is important to your future because it lets you go to university... without it no universities will accept you and you have to repeat grade 12 so you can get a diploma

what is the percentage of total population in 2000 in cleveland with at least a highschool diploma

17 years old with parental consent and highschool diploma/equivlant.

In certain cases some trade schools or technical schools will allow you to take a test called the ATB test (Ability to Benefit). In most cases you do have to have a highschool diploma or GED to complete a nursing program.

All colleges will except any highschool diploma, long as it is acredited and you pass the SAT too.

Some people do not finish high school because they have been bullied. Some people choose to drop out of high school only to realize later that they would have hard far more opportunities if only they had stayed in school. In some cases, students did not drop out at all - they merely are looking into an online highschool diploma program because they are tired of sitting in the classroom and are ready to move on to whatever is next. Regardless of what brought you to look into an online highschool diploma program, you will find that the internet has changed the way in which people get the education that they need in order to pursue a college education or to move forward with their career goals. Distance learning prepares students to earn a legitimate highschool diploma. Students who enroll in an online highschool diploma program will find that they are able to study at their own pace. Because there is no need to arrive in a classroom at set times, students who pursue their highschool diploma online are able to continue working and to meet other obligations that they have. Getting a diploma in this way is affordable as well - and as a result, getting started is easy. Throughout your online highschool diploma program, you will be able to access instructors who are experienced high school teachers. You’ll be able to ask the questions that you have and to get the answers that you need. Getting started is as simple as filling out an application to a program designed either for learners who are over the age of eighteen or those who are sixteen or older. When you choose an accredited online highschool, you can be sure that you’re getting accurate information, that it will be taught by those who are qualified to teach, and that the school will provide you with all that they promise. More importantly, you’ll find that an accredited online highschool diploma program prepares you for additional education opportunities - certificate and degree programs - and to apply for jobs that require a diploma in order to be taken seriously as a candidate. Your diploma, in other words, open doors.

A highschool diploma is the minimum requirement. 63.39% have bachelors degrees

Nope, she is homeschooled and is 18 already she is going to get her highschool diploma.

No Khloe did not graduate from highschool. She dropped out & finished her diploma by home schooling.

you should have a highschool diploma at least, othrwise you may find it very difficult

You must at least have a highschool diploma to attend veterinary school. If you have a GED you can enroll.

Although dropping out of highschool is not a good idea, sometimes it can be necessary.You can still receive your diploma if and only if, you have earned the required # of credits, and you have passed the required test(s).Another alternative to a highschool diploma is a GED, just remember only do this if it's absolutely necessary.

yes you can join the marines with a diploma you got off the interenet as lomg as you have a highschool diploma the marines will take you in, as long as u meet the requirements.

RoseMont High School but her last year in highschool she got her diploma via homeschooling. She have no plans going to college.

most culinary schools require a highschool diploma or GED to get in to a culinary arts program.

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