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In order to become a substance abuse counselor, you must obtain a license and become certified by the National Certification Commission. Programs vary by state.

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Q: Where can I get substance abuse counselor training?
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What education or training do you need to become a substance abuse counselor?

== == You have to take classes in substance abuse and counseling for drug abuse and addiction and depending on the state you live in you have to be certified and/or licensed as a counselor to deal with substance abuse counselor. Most people who are substance abuse counselors have degrees in Sociology and Psychology so having a degree will get your foot in the door as a substance abuse counselor a lot faster since most community colleges have short programs roughly a year to provide the coursework and certification, but you have to contact the state about licensure depending on the state you live in.

How much does a substance counselor get paid?

The United States Meadian for Substance Abuse Counselors is $35,580 (yearly)

Can you be a substance abuse counselor if you are a felon?

If you are a good enough liar, anything is possible!

What does casac-t stand for?

Certified Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor - Trainee

How do I get a substance abuse counselor certification?

In order to get substance abuse certification, you must first go to college and study sociology and psychology. You may want to ask a counselor on any other classes that he/she may recommend.

Where can the services of a substance abuse counselor be found?

Services of a sbustance abuse counselor can be found on websites such as "Indeed", "Counseling", "Princeton Review", "Department of Human Services" or "LoneStar".

What jobs are available to someone with substance abuse counselor certification?

Available jobs would be guidance counselor, rehab facilitator, any sort of job that would help youth and adults with problems ranging from substance abuse to recuperation.

Who does substance abuse training?

Someone who is qualified to teach about substance abuse would teach such a program. Accreditation is the most important reason to have this training done for public help.

Can your substance abuse counselor tell your probation officer if you failed a drug test?

If i'm on probation and my doctor referred me to a substance abuse evaluation. Will they notify my probation officer?

How do you become certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor in Staten Island NY?

go to school

can you be a substance abuse counselor if you have a felony?

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Where can I get substance abuse training?

One thing that you could do for free counseling on substance abuse would be to talk to the preacher at a local church. This is what my dad did when he had problems.

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