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It does make it easier to book your travel arrangement online. Seniors do tend to get a discount even when travelling. Here is a site with more info:

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Q: Where can I get travel tickets with a senior discount?
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Where can I find senior air tickets for cheap?

Many travel agencies offer discount travel for seniors. For some online examples you can visit or

Is there a senior discount for sports tickets for sale from Ticketmaster?

No, there is not a senior discount for sport's ticket sales. There are only discount for young children.

Looking for senior air tickets?

Look for great travel deals on websites such as and Most travel websites offer senior discount so you can get a great deal on airfare to Boston.

Where can my grandparents find information on discount airfare for seniors?

Most airlines have a senior citizen discount that can be applied to regular tickets. This website can tell you about which airlines do.

What is the best source of senior discount airline tickets?

This website provides information as well as tickets for seniors The more flexible in travel times you are, the cheaper your tickets can be. If your clients know ahead of time the weeks they would like to be gone, you can often find deals with airline companies.

How do I get senior railcard discounts?

Yes, they both do. You will have to tell them you are a senior when calling to buy your tickets. They will tell you how much of a discount you will get.

Do senior travel groups offer discounted travel tickets?

It depends on the travel agency and provider, but yes, seniors are frequently offered discount rates. Ask your agent or the booking agent for the cruise you want to try.

Are discount plane tickets safe?

Yes, discount plane tickets are the same coach or economy tickets as regularly priced tickets. Many discount tickets have travel date restrictions, reservation change fees and are generally non-refundable.

Where can i get discount play land tickets?

Check with your employer or school to see if they have discount tickets available. Some parks will grant discounts to active military and senior citizens.

What airlines offer discounted travel tickets for seniors?

Almost all businesses offer some kind of senior discount. Even if an airline does not advertise senior discounts, I would still inquire as senior citizens are a big demographic for consumers.

Can you get cheap discount tickets without using a travel agent?

You can get cheap discount tickets without using a travel agent. There are many websites that offer cheap tickets and discount pricing. Also, many places offer deals for last minute booking.

Would my senior citizen grandparents receive discount airfare?

Yes, most senior citizens receive some form of discount for airfare. All they have to do is inquire about the discount when they buy their tickets. I hope this helps.

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