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To purchase a Nokia phone, go to your local AT&T cell phone store and see displays of Nokia Phones and their features. You are able to read reviews of the phones and their features by searching online, or discussing with the sales representative.

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It is difficult to answer this question, since we do not recommend products. Many people do like the Nokia Lumia, and it has been getting some very good reviews. But other reviewers prefer different brands. I would recommend that you consult some objective magazines and newspapers and read the reviews of the various phones, including the Nokia Lumia. See what the reviewers are saying, and then go to a store that sells them. Before you purchase it, you want to try out the phone to see if it's right for you and has the features you prefer.

Professional reviews can be helpful when you are trying to decide what cell phone to buy, but you should read consumer cellular reviews more often. These will tell you what people think of the phones when they actually use them. Rather than learning about all of the high-tech things that the phones can do, you will find out if they are generally functional and reliable when they are being used on a daily basis.

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Many phones future this ability and you can purchase it online at, or It would be beneficial online, therefore you can compare prices, read reviews and return your product with no hassle.

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