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A good place to learn about Windows mobile and voip is the blog and has a ton of information as well.

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Q: Where can I learn more about Windows mobile and VOIP?
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Where might one go to learn more about Engin VoiP services?

One might go to learn more about Engin VoiP services on the official website of Engin. This is the site of the Australian leading mobile broadband company.

Where can I learn more about VOIP phone systems?

In order to learn more about VOIP phone systems, contact a company representative by calling and talking to them, or perhaps read reviews about it online and draw your conclusions from there.

What are business voip providers?

You can go to either of the following websites to learn more about voip providers or

Which VOIP service has more users, Skype or Jijah?

Skype is by far the more popular VOIP service because Skype is compatible with computer use whereas Jijah is purely a IP-based mobile service.

Is a WiFi VoIP phone a good alternative to a mobile phone?

A WiFi VoIP phone is a good alternative to a mobile phone because you can ring countries around the world for less. This makes international and long distance calls more cost efficient.

What does the company Voipswitch specialize in?

Voipswitch can be used for various software applications. Voipswitch specializes in mobile dialers, VOIP platforms, VOIP software, symbian diaper, and many more things.

What operating systems does Canon mobile printer support?

Both Windows and Mac operating system do support Can mobile printer. One should learn more from their online site, for questions or for whatever reason.

Do mobile phone companies charge for Voip calls?

When making a VoIP call from your phone you will be more than likely accessing bandwidth from your carrier. If you are charged for your bandwidth usage or go over your bandwidth cap, you essentially will be paying fro the time you spend on your VoIP calls. Basically, yes.

Where can I learn more about windows server virtualization?

You can learn more about windows server virtualization at Another good site is

Where can I learn about windows phones?

There are many places that you can learn more about windows smartphones. The best idea is to visit an electronic store and ask your specific questions.

An example of PC-based VoIP?

Example of PC based VoIP are skype VoIP, Yahoo Messenger VoIP, MSN VoIP, and lot more of web browser online chat application.

Where can one learn more about Windows 2000 web hosting?

One could learn more about Windows 2000 web hosting through the Microsoft Windows website. They offer a step by step guide for using most of their products.

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