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A virtual dedicated server is the same as a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Basically, each individual server runs multiple server OSes, each is independent and thus 'virtual.'

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Q: Where can I learn more about virtual dedicated server hosting?
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How do I set up and maintain a dedicated web server?

You can set up and maintain a dedicated web server by following the instructions at Another good website to learn is

Where can I find a good dedicated server web host?

Many websites offer dedicated server web hosts. PageRank Checker, Liquidweb, and iWeb offer good, dedicated server web hosts. One can also find dedicated server web hosts on HostSearch.

What is a hosting web and where can you learn about it?

web hosting is running a web site on your equipment, usually a dedicated server. You can get training on it from various schools - be careful and check out their success rates so that you avoid a diploma mill.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting in which a client has the exclusive use of an entire server. When you’re starting a new website, blog, or app, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is how to host your site. While there are a few different ways you can choose to host your site, two commonly used types of servers are shared servers and dedicated servers. A shared server, as its name suggests, is shared with other web clients. With a dedicated server, however, your site is the only one that will be hosted on the server.

How can I set up a dedicated Linux server for hosting?

This site gives a wonderful tutorial on how to set up a linux server Can be very overwhelming but if you take the time, its a great site to learn off of.

Where might one go to learn what a virtual server is?

A virtual server is an emulated computer running within a real computer, often used as a way to divide computer resources among multiple users. More information is available on the Wikipedia article "Virtual private server" and on the Virtual Servers website.

Where can one learn more on the MS SQL server hosting?

One could attend a computer class at a neighborhood school or public library in order to learn more about MS SQL server hosting. One could also visit Amazon, Lynda, or Rack Space to learn more about this product.

Where can I learn more about server load?

There are several great resources out there to learn about server load. The best available source would be Wikipedia. Another valuable source would be a web hosting company such as Host Gator.

Where can someone go to learn more about website hosting and design?

There are many places where one can learn more about website hosting and design. Once can try a local community college, or even forums and online courses dedicated to the subject.

What are some companies that offer dedicated web hosting solutions?

Some companies that offer dedicated web hosting solutions are DreamHost, BlueHost, Linode, A Small Orange, HostEurope, HostGator, LiquidWeb, WebFusion, DiadoEstudante, W3Schools, BusinessWebHosting, etc.

What hosting site is the best in the world?

To really know the best hosting site, you need to know what is hosting first. So what is Hosting? When a hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website to store its files, they are hosting a website. Web Hosting makes the files that comprise a website (code, images, etc.) available for viewing online. Every website you’ve ever visited is hosted on a server. The amount of space allocated on a server to a website depends on the type of hosting. The main types of hosting are shared, dedicated, VPS and reseller. They are differentiated by the kind of technology used for the server, the level of management provided, and the additional services on offer. With this, I believe you now know the definition of hosting. so where can you get the best hosting for your website? You need a very good hosting site to really get what you want. ht tps:// yazing. com/ deals/ bluehos t / MOSESNET you will thank me later

Where can one find out more about managed Linux hosting?

There are several places where a person can find out more about managed Linux hosting. Websites such as, liquidweb, hostaway, and ixwebhosting all have information about Linux hosting.

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