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There are many places to buy solar lights in a variety of colors. You can purchase a set of 12 solar lights that change colors from for approximately $70.00.

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Q: Where can I purchase solar lights for my deck?
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Where could one purchase deck lights in the US?

The Home Depot would be a great place to purchase deck lights. They have all different varieties there. Amazon wouldn't be a bad place, either, but you don't really know the condition of the lights.

Where can one purchase solar powered garden lights?

One can purchase solar powered garden lights in home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Walmart also carry selections of solar powered garden lights.

Where to purchase malibu rechargeable batteries for solar lights?

fullriver 400mAh

What are the brightest solar deck lights?

LED light bulbs make for the brightest solar lights. Check the box and make sure the lights are LED. For more information on the different types of lights read here:

Where can you purchase solar yard lights?

Solar yard lights are becoming increasingly common and easy to purchase. It is easy to find them in most garden and outdoor stockists, usually amongst garden furniture or illumination.

Are solar patio lights really bright enough for night?

As long as you purchase quality lights, your solar patio lights should provide adequate light during the evening hours.

What advantages are there to having solar deck lights?

The biggest advantage is that solar power saves money and helps the environment. Additionally, since the lights do not require electricity, they remain functional during power outages.

Where can one purchase solar shed light?

A person can purchase a solar powered shed light from many home improvement stores. Stores such as Lowe's and the Home Depot sell solar powered shed lights. Solar powered shed lights are easy to install and can help you save money.

Where can one purchase solar post lights?

One can purchase solar post lights from: Amazon, BM Stores, Wayfair, eBay, Earth Tech Products, Overstock, DH Gate, Sulit, Lighting Universe, Home Depot, Alibaba, Spheral Solar, Home Base.

Where can one purchase some solar power lights?

Northern Tool has solar power lights that range in price from about $40 to over $100. They also sell equipment or accessories needed to instal the lights. Amazon also has a variety of solar power lights and lanterns. Amazon's lights start around $10.

What are my options for easy installation deck lighting?

The easiest installation of deck lighting is to use post caps or solar lights. Some of the easiest installations involve using lighting that you just have to place under the rails, in post caps or on the wall and then plug into your electrical system. Even easier are solar lights.

Where can I purchase Solar String Lights?

Solar String lights can be purchased at Target, Home Depot, Walmart, or Sam's Club. The lights come in white, colors or multicolored. They can also be found on eBay or Amazon for a good price.

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