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You can go to the website to get quotes for term life insurance. They will comparison shop and show you your choices.

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Q: Where can I receive quotes for a term life insurance policy?
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How old does a beneficiary have to be for to receive payment from a life insurance policy?

There is no age restriction for a beneficiary on a life insurance policy.

How can I best evaluate online quotes for term life insurance? and are online insurance brokers that can provide term life insurance quotes online from the top term life insurance companies. You can compare online policy and insurance needs.

How are whole life insurance quotes different than term life quotes?

A term policy gives you a set amount of insurance every year whereas the other lets you build up the policy as you pay your premiums.

If I want term life insurance on someone else can I still get online quotes?

You can research life insurance online and also receive quotes, but the only way you will be able to purchase the life insurance is if you have all of that individual's personal information.

Where can I get life insurance quotes online?

You can get free life insurance quotes at

On which website can I receive an affordable whole life insurance quote?

This site lets you get multiple quotes for whole life and compare them: Whether the policy is "affordable" depends on your budget and requirements.

Does a beneficiary on a life insurance prevail over a will request?

Yes! The beneficiary on a life insurance policy does not have to be included in a will in order to receive the life insurance benefits.

What if you are not in your Fathers will but am a beneficiary of a life insurance policy?

Then you will receive whatever the life insurance policy states. These are two separate issues / documents and have nothing to do with each other.

Can a inmate collect money from a life insurance policy?

Yes, even if incarcerated, you will still receive proceeds from a life insurance policy if you are the valid recipient. They will not be able to receive the proceeds if they were the cause of the insured's death.

What is non-participating policy in life insurance?

A policy where the insured does not receive dividends due to non-participation.

Can you have a life insurance policy if you receive social security?

You can you need to pay the premiums yourself. However you cannot have income from a life insurance policy that has been paid to you as that is declarable.

Can you have a secondary beneficiary on your life insurance?

Yes, you can have a secondary beneficiary on your life insurance policy. If the primary beneficiary is no longer living when you pass away, the secondary beneficiary would receive the proceeds from your life insurance policy.

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