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LCD TV mounting brackets can be bought online at websites, such as Amazon, Best Buy and eBay. LCD TV mounting brackets come in different designs and shapes.

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Where can you buy LCD mounting brackets?

One can buy LCD mounting brackets from a variety of sources. Walmart and other general supermarkets and stores may sell them. They are also offered from a great deal of TV companies including LG and Magnavox.

Are all LCD wall brackets the same?

"LCD wall brackets for TVs are all different. There are stationary, tilt, and swivel brackets for LCD TVs. The sizes and durability are also different, depending on your needs."

Are wall brackets safe for my LCD TV?

Wall brackets should be safe for your LCD TV as long as you install them properly and safely. You have to make sure that you mount the TV securely into the wall and that the size brackets you choose matches the size of the TV.

Does an LCD screen TV require a Television mounting bracket?

Some LCD TV's does not require a mounting bracket while others do. Depending on the style of the TV would depict whether you would need a mounting back or not.

Where can wall brackets for LCD TVs be purchased?

Wall brackets for LCD TVs can be purchased from all good electrical stores and many supermarkets such as Tesco. Alternatively, try sites such as Amazon or Ebay.

Where can you find LCD TV wall brackets?

LCD wall brackets are available at a variety of stores and retail outlets. Cheap wall brackets may be purchased at Walmart, where as more reliable wall brackets can be purchased at Best Buy.

Where can one buy online a LCD TV mounting bracket?

High Definition Television sets these days almost always come with screws to mount your television, but they don't come with a bracket. Amazon sells brackets, but make sure it will fit the size of your television.

Where can I get an LCD TV Repair done?

To replace your LCD TV you should go to the electronic shops from which you bought the LCD TV. Or, you can also visit the official customer center of the LCD TV brand in your area.

Where can one purchase LCD wall mount brackets?

LCD wall mount brackets are used to mount a flat screen television to ones wall. Best Buy, Future Shop, Walmart as well as Visions Electronics all sell LCD wall mount brackets.

Where can LG LCD televisions be bought?

On the internet, LG LCD televisions can be purchased at the official LG website and Amazon. They can also be bought at a discounted price in Best Buy.

What type of mounting bracket is needed to mount a flat screen television to a wall?

There are a few different types of mounting brackets one could use to mount a flat screen TV to their wall. Depending on the room you are mounting your television in, you may want a bracket that stays flat to the wall or one that can tilt up or down. There are also mounting brackets that allow you to move the television several inches away from the wall and up or down.

How would one use TV brackets?

Tv brackets can be used to do a few different things, but mainly just to mount your flat screen television on your wall or tv mounting unit. Make sure you mount it tight!

Wall mounting television brackets can be found where online for purchase?

There are many places one might go to purchase wall mounting television brackets. In addition to one's local home improvement store, one might also try the Amazon website.

What are the best brands of television mounting brackets?

Depending upon the size of your tv, certain brands of television mounting brackets will serve your needs better than others. Another factor is the price you are willing to pay for it. Comparing various electronic manufacturers is the best way to determine the one for you. www.nextag.com

How much does an lcd tv from comet cost?

It depends on what size of LCD TV that you want. A 42 inch LCD TV costs 399.99 Euros, or a 32 inch JVC LCD TV could be bought for 150 Euros less saving you money.

Are there different size TV wall brackets for a plasma TV?

The size of wall brackets will depend on which plasma t.v. you own. Every brand will have a slightly different mounting size for the brackets, so make sure you use compatible sizes.

Where can you purchase a TV swivel?

There is a UK website called Brackets R Us that specialises specifically in all many of TV swivel wall brackets, suitable for all types of LCD, LED and Plasma TV screens.

Where can tv mounting brackets be purchased?

TV mounting brackets can be purchased at many retailers, including Best Buy, WalMart, Sam's Club, Costco or many hardware stores. You could order them online, but don't forget to pay attention to the shipping charges as they are a fairly large item.

What is the largest size brackets available for televisions?

There are mounting brackets available for almost every size of flat panel tv monitors available. At www.bestbuy.com one can buy a bracket that will accomodate up to an 84" flat panel tv.

Does Walmart sell brackets for tv wall mounting?

Yes, wallmart sells brackets for tv wall mountings. They also have good prices for the mountings. Thanks to their "rollback"...this is a link to walmart website....http://www.walmart.com/

What are the advantages of having a 32 inch lcd tv, instead of a larger lcd tv?

A 32" lcd you use less electricity than the larger lcd. The 32 is easier to move by yourself as well as mounting the tv. It also takes up less space allowing you more options of where you can put it in a room.

What type of LCD stands can you buy for a TV?

There are several types of LCD stands one can buy for a TV, but first one must know the size of their television. There are wall mount brackets that are sold that can have the television flat against the wall as well as ones that the television is away from the wall and can swivel around. There are also floor mounts for LCD televisions.

Where can one purchase a 26 inch lcd tv?

A 26 inch LCD TV can be bought in High Street stores such as Currys and PC World. Alternatively, one can buy a 26 inch LCD TV from the online retailer Amazon.

Does the Premier Mounts PTMB LCD Wall Mount also work for mounting plasma televisions?

This mounting system is designed for any flat panel,10-40 inches.

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