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Where can a 13- or 14-year-old get a job?

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To get a job at a young age depends on your DETERMINATION At 15 you really should work hard at getting a job you could geta vehicle and be able to go out when you want.

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13 you want a job?

i am 13 and i want a job

Where can you get a job during the summer at the age of 13?

can i get a job at the age 13

Can you get a job at 10 to 13?

You can most likely get a job at 13 and not 10. it just depends on what kind of job your looking for.

What job can a 13 year old girl do?

My first job at 13 was baby-sitting.

what the best job for 13 year olds?

mabye babysitting?

I need job but I'm only 13?

I am 13 years old, And I want a job, How old do I have to be to get one?

How old do you have to get a job?

You have to be 13

Where can you get a job when you are 13?


Can you have a summer job in Georgia when you are 13?

Yes, but it depends on what job it is.

What kind of job can you get as a 13 year old?

A 13 year old is too young to have a full time Job.

What job can you when you are 13?

Babysitter , i would know because i am 13 !(:

Im 13 is it legal for me to get a job.?

if you are 13 you can work as a paper girl/boy but you can not legally get a proper job until you are 16

List of 13 year old jobs?

where can i get a job at at 13 i dont know but i may can get a job a pizza hut though

Is it true a 13 year old can get a job?

yes it is true to get a job!!!

Your 13 year old wants job can she get job?

she can get a paper round but that is it

Why do you have to be thirteen to get a job?

even 13 yr olds cant get a job

Can you get a job in Minnesota at age 13?

You cant get a job your still a sperm

How old should you be to get a job?


You are 13 where can you get a job?


Where can you get a job in Liverpool at 13?

There aren't any jobs for 13 year olds there. But you may be able to get a job doing the paper round

How do you get a job at age 11?

The closest you can get to a job at that age is a paper round. Yet even for that, you need to be 13, or close to turning 13.

What are jobs that kids get paid for?

# Children Shouldnt Have A Job A 11 12 Or 13 # Children Shouldnt Have A Job A 11 12 Or 13

You are 13 can you get a job at your age?

You can baby-sit or walk dogs but not a real job.

What the youngest age for a job?

The youngest age for a job is 13 years old

If you are in a chapter 13 and quit your job can you get in trouble for that?

You can't really get in trouble for quitting your job. You will still have to make your payments whether you have a job or not. You may have to reconfigure your Chapter 13 payment plan.

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