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Where can a 13-year-old girl find a job without having to mow lawns in Moreno Valley California?


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2005-11-12 02:38:46
2005-11-12 02:38:46

is babysitting or pet care out of the question?


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The city of Moreno Valley, California is located in the western part of Riverside County on the eastern border of the city of Riverside. Moreno Valley was incorporated as a city in 1984 when the communities of Moreno, Sunnymead and Edgemont were merged. Moreno Valley is easy for visitors to find. The 60 freeway heads east from Los Angeles straight through Moreno Valley. The portion of the freeway that runs through Moreno Valley is called the Moreno Valley Freeway. Finding one's way around the city after getting off the freeway is fairly simple. Many of the major streets in Moreno Valley are parallel or perpendicular to the freeway. A number of these streets are named in alphabetical order. Streets running perpendicular to the freeway, including freeway exits, go in alphabetical order from west to east. The streets south of the freeway that run parallel to it go in alphabetical order from south to north. Major streets that run parallel to the freeway provide alternate routes for traveling across the city. The simple layout of the streets in Moreno Valley will help visitors find attractions in Moreno Valley and nearby cities. These attractions include shopping, parks and the March Field Air Museum. Places to shop in the city include the Moreno Valley Mall on the west side of the city. It is conveniently located right off the freeway and can be reached from two different exits. The mall has three major department stores and a food court. Several shopping centers and many restaurants are close to the mall. Box Springs Mountain Park has trails for horseback riding and hiking. Sycamore Canyon Park is next to Moreno Valley on the west side of the city. This park has trails for hiking and biking. The Lake Perris State Recreation Area is in the city of Perris next to Moreno Valley. Visitors can go boating and fish in Lake Perris. Overnight camping is allowed at the lake. Parks that have playgrounds and picnic areas are located in different parts of Moreno Valley. The March Field Air Museum in Riverside is a very short drive from Moreno Valley. The museum is adjacent to March Air Reserve Base and has a display of historic aircraft. Visitors can watch films about the history of military aviation in the museum's theater. Visitors to Moreno Valley will easily be able to find their way to the area's many attractions.

Death Valley is not the biggest valley in California. The central valley is the biggest.

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