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You can purchase a 52 inch LCD TV online at Amazon. They have a Sony Bravia NX800 Series 52" LCD TV for $1698.00. Overstock has a Sharp LC52SB550 52" 1080P LCD TV (Refurbished) for $1026.18. You can find some great deals both on Amazon and Overstock.

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Q: Where can a 52 inch LCD TV be purchased?
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Where can a Sony 32 inch LCD television be purchased?

A Sony 32 inch LCD television can be purchased online or in stores. For online, it can be purchased from Amazon or eBay. For in stores, it can be purchased from Best Buy.

Where is it possible to get a 52 inch LCD TV?

Actually 52 inch LCD TVs can be found at all major electronic shops. Some options include for example "Amazon", "BestBuy", "DailyMotion" or "GlobalMediaPro".

What is the average price for a 46 inch LCD TV?

Costs for a 46 inch LCD TV will vary depending on brand and the store in which the TV is purchased. On Amazon, a 46 inch Sony TV costs $699, but if purchased from Sears, it would cost $899.

Where can one purchase a 52-inch LCD television on sale?

One can purchase a 52-inch LCD television on sale from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell these televisions include Legend Micro and Memory4Less.

What is the price range for a Samsung 52 inch LCD TV?

Samsung no longer makes 52 inch LCD TVs. Older models such as the 530 Series 1080p LCD HDTV now cost $1,753 for the LN52B750 model through $1403.26 for the LN52C530 model.

What are average prices for 1080p lcd tv's?

Its normally depends on brand like LG offering 52 inch lcd tv of 1400 $ where as sony bravia lcd tv range around 2500 to 3500 ,sharp lcd tv is cheap is around 1000 bucks so it depends what brand you are choosing

What is custom duty on 32 LCD TV purchased from Bangkok to India?

there is no custom duty on 32 inch lcd i bought sony bx32

How much does a Sony 52 inch LCD television cost from Amazon?

A Sony 52 inch LCD television, when bought from Amazon, will cost around $600. It may be cheaper to purchase from Walmart or Kmart as both seem to have cheaper prices.

Cheap (but good quality) LG LCD TV?

The best LG LCD televisions in this price range is the LG 32LD350 32-Inch. This television can be purchased online at

Where is it possible to buy a Samsung 32 inch LCD HD TV?

Samsung 32 inch LCD HD TVs can be purchased from Sears, Walmart, or BJ's Wholesale Club. They can also be purchased online at Amazon or eBay. Some discounts are available for Sears or BJ's purchases.

Where can one purchase a 60 inch LCD tv?

There are many places to purchase 60 inch LCD TVs. These could be purchased both online and offline and collected in person or delivered. The stores that sell 60 inch TVs include: Argos, Amazon and Currys.

Where can someone buy a 52 inch Samsung LCD TV?

Home furnishing stores, electronics stores, retail stores.

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