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any where there is water

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When did the flood in Japan happen?

when flood happen in japan

Where did the cockermouth flood happen?

The cockermouth flood happened in Cumbria

When did Chicago Flood happen?

Chicago Flood happened in 1992.

When did the Australian flood happen?

the flood happened on the 03.01.11.

When did Johnstown Flood happen?

Johnstown Flood happened in 1889.

What would happen if a flood happen near a ocean?

there is no possible way to flood the ocean but if you mean if the ocean started to flood the earth then the results could be catastrophic.

Where did a flood happen?


Can a flood happen in Sydney?

Floods can happen anywhere.

What will happen afer flood?

When there's a flood people grow crops in their garden to eat and it will be ruined if there is a flood.

Why did the Mississippi flood happen?

Rain kept on falling which caused a river flood

When did London Beer Flood happen?

London Beer Flood happened in 1814.

When did Great Sheffield Flood happen?

Great Sheffield Flood happened in 1864.

When did Buffalo Creek Flood happen?

Buffalo Creek Flood happened in 1972.

Why did the Mozambique flood happen?

why did the floods happen in mozamber in 2,000

When does a flood happen?

it happens in 1999

What happen on Aug1997?

a major flood

Where did the great flood happen?


What will happen if there is a flood?

you would die

When did the cumbrian flood happen?


How did the 2010 Pakistan flood happen?


What will happen if there is a continuous rain?

it will flood

Where did the Thailand flood happen?

In Bangkok

What date did the Tewkesbury flood happen?

the Tewkesbury flood started on the 19th20th of July 2007

What does it mean to have a watch during a flood?

It means that a flood is very likely to happen in your area.

When did St. Felix's Flood happen?

St. Felix's Flood happened in 1530.