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Typically, fast food resturants or clothing stores.

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Q: Where can a teenager in Pennsylvania find a job?
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Where can one find information on jobs for teenagers?

You should look in the internet for a teenager job or you can find a teenager job in your newspaper of your town. Also you can ask a friend who has a job.

Where can a fifteen year old in Houston find a job?


Where can a teenager find a job online?

Try This website ------you might like it

Where can a 16 year old kid find a job in Louisiana?

There are a number of places a 16 year old can find a job in Louisiana. This teenager can find a job at a fast food restaurant for example.

Where can a 14 year old find a job in Philadelphia Pennsylvania?


Where can a teenager in St. Louis Missouri find a job?

You can work at iggys with a worker permit.

Where can a teenager find a job in Dubai UAE?

In Dubai you can't work till you are 18 so a person under that age you woudnt be able to find a job anywhere.

Where can a teenager in Oxnard California get a job?

you can find one in your neighborhood.EX.mowing lawn,babysitting,raking leaves,ect.

Where can a 14 year old teenager find a job in Lawton Oklahoma?

try doing a paper route

Where can you find a job quick?

I your a teenager then hairdressers, B and B paperound or if an adult, just go to Jobcentre.

Where can a 14-year old girl find a job in York Pennsylvania?

I have no idea !

Where can one find a list of jobs in PA?

One can find a list of jobs in PA by going to the Pennsylvania Jobs website. The website has a number of job listings that are specific to the state of Pennsylvania.

How can a teenager get a job at a newspaper?

By delivering it. lol

Can a teenager be referred to job corp by a parent?


What are the Three desirable personal values of a teenager?

rim job, rim job, rim job

At what age can you legally throw out your teenager in Pennsylvania?

The age of majority in Pennsylvania is 18. Until then the child is your responsibility. You provide them food and shelter.

What is the best place to find a job?

If you live the United States, Houston,Texas will be the best place to look for a job! for teens: no where because adults who cannot find a job anywhere else because they haven't gone to school to get a good education, have taken every job that could possibly be a good job for a teenager.

Where can a teenager find a computer job?

You have to fill out an application...try to look in the help wanted ads of a paper or just ask around.

Where can a teenager find a job near his home?

* Look in local newspapers * Ask local shop owners * Look on bulletin boards

Where can a teenager in Northampton Massachusetts get a job?

go to kfc

What president had a job as a surveyor as a teenager?

George Washington

How can a teenager get a secrete agent job?

When he can spell "secret"

At what age can a teenager start work in the United Kingdom?

Children under 13 can work in theater, modelling or television provided they are appropriately licenced. At age 13, a teenager may find limited part time work at certain hours of the day. At age 16 the teenager can get a part time job that is subject to national minimum wage. A teenager cannot get a full time job until they have left full time education.

What job for Teenager job in Chicago?

being a waitress,mopping sweeping floors ect..

Were in Miami can a 15 year old get a job?

where can a 15 year old teenager get a job