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Where can a zoologist work?


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a zoologist can work outdoors and indoors.


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what are the work hours of a zoologist?

a zoologist is a person who studies animals. They work either in labs, or at zoos

They are zoologist. Zoologist are people who work with animals.

Yes she did, She work as a Zoologist, studying Chimpanzees Yes she did, She work as a Zoologist, studying Chimpanzees Yes she did, She work as a Zoologist, studying Chimpanzees

they get to work at zoo's

Yes zoologists work with tigers. Zoologists work with all kinds of animals and one of the disadvantages of being a zoologist is possible animal attacks.

a zoologist works for the zoo that hired them for a reason or to get an animal they need to grow popularity of the zoo

depends on who you work for

The worst part of being a zoologist is finding an animal that you cannot help. Being a zoologist is hard work, but those in the field are generally in it because they love what they do.

They work about 8 hours a day.

Zoologist work in many places. Mainly zoos though.

a zoologist studies and work with wild animals and a veterinarian saves and works with abondoned and household pets.

Zoologists study in school work

Work in a zoo or aquarium . Be a marine biologist, a zoologist.

a zoologist, a vet, dog or cat grumer, there are many oppertunaties. the best i like the most is a zoologist.

Marine biologist, vet, microbiologist, zoologist

Both. it depends what the zoologists are doing.

He/She is likely to work in a zoo feeding the animals.

A degree like Masters in Zoology or a Doctorate would be useful to practice as a zoologist. Many insititues in India offer this course of study.

A zoologist studies animals and zookeepers work in zoos or animal facilities and help maintane, feed, clean, or train zoo animals!

Jack Hanna is not a "zoologist," he's a zookeeper. Zoologist is an academic title. To be called a zoologist, you need an academic degree in the field. Hanna's college degrees are honorary. Are you called a "physician" because you're a nurse and work with doctors?

Yes a zoologist is an engineer

a zoologist works with animals

what equipments do zoologist wear

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