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a zoologist can work outdoors and indoors.

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Q: Where can a zoologist work?
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What is the work schedule like for a zoologist?

what are the work hours of a zoologist?

Where does a zoologist work?

a zoologist is a person who studies animals. They work either in labs, or at zoos

What is a chimpanzees job?

They are zoologist. Zoologist are people who work with animals.

Did Jane Goodall have any jobs?

Yes she did, She work as a Zoologist, studying Chimpanzees Yes she did, She work as a Zoologist, studying Chimpanzees Yes she did, She work as a Zoologist, studying Chimpanzees

Can zoologist work with pandas?


What advancements do zoologist get?

they get to work at zoo's

How can you work with lions?

Become a zoologist.

Where do zoologist work?

Zoo's and Aquariums

What are people who work with animals called?

Zoologist .... ?

Who does a zoologist work for?

a zoologist works for the zoo that hired them for a reason or to get an animal they need to grow popularity of the zoo

Do zoologist work with tigers?

Yes zoologists work with tigers. Zoologists work with all kinds of animals and one of the disadvantages of being a zoologist is possible animal attacks.

How much does a zoologist gets paid?

depends on who you work for

What is the best job to have if you want to work with lions?


What type of facility does a person in zoologist work?

a zoo

How many hours a week does a zoologist work?

They work about 8 hours a day.

Where do zoologists work?

Zoologist work in many places. Mainly zoos though.

What is the worst part of being a zoologist?

The worst part of being a zoologist is finding an animal that you cannot help. Being a zoologist is hard work, but those in the field are generally in it because they love what they do.

What job should you do if you want to work with wolves?

probably zoologist

What do zoologist study in school?

Zoologists study in school work

What is different between zoologist and veterinarian?

a zoologist studies and work with wild animals and a veterinarian saves and works with abondoned and household pets.

What jobs can you do if you want to work with penguins?

Work in a zoo or aquarium . Be a marine biologist, a zoologist.

I wont to work with animals and get paid what should i do?

a zoologist, a vet, dog or cat grumer, there are many oppertunaties. the best i like the most is a zoologist.

Careers that work with animals?

Marine biologist, vet, microbiologist, zoologist

Do zoologist work indoors or outdoors?

Both. it depends what the zoologists are doing.

What is a positive thing of a zoologist?

There are many positive points of Zoologist's. Zoologist's study animals and their habitats. They do alot of work in the field, learning about how animals interact with their environment. This tells us alot about how animals behave and survive in the wild.