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At Numrich under savage/springfield .fox its the same as springfield 187 series A

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โˆ™ 2012-09-26 14:39:51
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Q: Where can assembly instructions for a 22 Lr savage arms model 135 revelation series A be found?
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Is the revelation model 135 the same gun as the savage model 187 series A?

Yes, they are the same guns.

What brand made the Revelation Model 225 series e 30 30 bolt action?

I believe your rifle is a Savage Model 340, made under the Western Auto house brand of Revelation.

What is the correct reading order for Doc Savage series?

savage series of documents

Who is the manufacturer of revelation shotgun model 350 series k?

Trade name used by Western Auto Stores. has a cross check list.

When was Savage Skies - TV series - created?

Savage Skies - TV series - was created in 1996.

Whats the value of a used savage 240 series p?

Value of used savage 240 series p?

Where can you find an owners manual for a Savage Westpoint model 949 series A?

on line because my friend has a savage series a

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Savage arms fox bse series h dates?

The savage arms fox BSE series H dates from 1923-1942.

When was the savage arms model 340 series e made?

The savage model 340 series was made between the years 1950-1985.

What is the value of a savage 99c series a lever action 308win ser?

what is the value a 308 win savage 99 c. series A no.13515731

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