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Where can could get a huge 19th century stamp collection appraised?

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There are a variety of auction houses and stamp dealers. Check your local yellow pages for dealers in your area. I would recommend obtaining a copy of some of the philatelic journals, Stamp Weekly or Lynn's Stamp News. There will be many ads offering to appraise collections. The American Philatelic Association can provide names and addresses of dealers also.

2007-01-15 18:35:09
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Q: Where can could get a huge 19th century stamp collection appraised?
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Where should I go to get a stamp collection appraised?

you can head over to Those guys have been looking at stamps for 85 years. So they know their stuff.

Who has the largest stamp collection in the world?

The largest stamp collection in the U.S. belongs to the American Philatelic Society. Most are in agreement that the WWF Conservation Stamp Collection is the largest stamp collection in the world.

What is the appraised value of an E stamp?

An E stamp is a picture of Earth. It has a face value of 25 cents.

What royal collection is housed in St James Palace?

pch=stampSince the beginning of the 2000s, the Royal Philatelic (Stamp) Collection has been housed at St. James's Palace, after spending the entire 20th century at Buckingham Palace.

What do you call a collection of stamps?

A stamp collection

What is the name for a collection of stamps?

A stamp collection

What is the collection of postage stamp called?

a collection

How much is a Stamp Collection worth that you have no idea if they are rare or worthless?

Everyone hopes to come across the "Old Stamp Collection" that had been sitting in the closet for years. Bring the collection to a local dealer for evaluation. It will be a modest fee but it could be worth the charge.

What is the other name for stamp collection?

There are a few names used for a stamp collection. The most common one is a stamp philatelic. A few other names that people use are stamp sets and stamp books.

What is stamp collection called?

Stamp collecting is called "philately".

What is an album for a stamp collection?

It is typically referred to as a stamp album.

What is the complete subject in A valuable stamp collection is missing from the library?

The complete subject in the sentence given is "A valuable stamp collection".

What president had a stamp collection?


How does one get an inherited collection of rare old stamps that I wish to sell appraised without having to send them away to a philatelic society?

There are two other options open to you. The first is to contact a stamp auction house. They often travel and will make arrangements to stop by and evaluate. You need to be knowledgeable enough about the collection to insure they aren't wasting their time. The other is to contact a dealer in your area and ask them to appraise the collection. The American Stamp Dealers Association can help you find a dealer in your area.

What is a collection of stamps called?

At collection of stamps is refered to as a stamp collection. They are frequently kept in albums. Philately is the name for the study and collection of stamps.

Did Franklin Pierce own a stamp collection?

no. You are thinking of Franklin Roosevelt who was famous for his stamp collecion.

What hobby known as king of hobbies?

stamp collection

You have a platter that has an 1883 trademark stamp on it does it have any value?

It will have to be appraised by a knowledgeable dealer. A trademark that old indicates it may have some value. Condition will also be a major concern and any chips or cracks could be a problem.

What is a collection of postage stamps?

It is usually known as a stamp album.

What is the value of a Ducks Unlimited cloisonne stamp collection print 1984 to 2000?

value od a 70th edition of ducks unlimited cloisonne framed stamp collection 1936 -1999

If I don't know anything about stamp collection and have come into a collection how do I know I am getting a fair price when I sell the collection?

Contact a stamp collecting society/organisation and ask them if anyone could help you. They would know better than anyone as that is their specialty. Ask them if you'd do better selling the collection as a whole, or selling the stamps in smaller groups or individually. Another idea is to take your collection (or part of it) around to a few shops that trade in stamp/coin collections and a few get quotes. Try getting at least three quotes to start to form a picture of what it might be worth.

What is a book called that has a collection of postage stamps called?

A stamp album.

Did Freddie Mercury sell his stamp collection to the British museum?


Which American philatelist was president?

Franklin Roosevelt was famous for his stamp collection.

Can you cut stamps out and tape then to your stamp collection book?

You could do that. However, the tape is likely to ruin the stamp. Most collectors use an item called a hinge, a small piece of thin paper with glue on it. Hinges can be peeled off the stamp without damaging it. And the stamp is usually 'soaked' off the paper using cool water.