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Fine Alumimum powder and potassium chlorate or perchlorate

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Q: Where can i find ingredients for flash powder?
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What minerals are used to make fireworks?

Here are some ingredients in fireworks... Charcoal, gun powder (black powder) ( for explosion), alumunuim powder ( for flash), potassium nitrate (saltpeter) (for smoke).

Who invented flash powder?

Flash powder was invented by a man named Joshua Lionel Cowen. He registered for a patent in 1899 for the flash powder to be used in photography.

What do flash powder do in a firework?

It creates a bright flash (owning to it's name, flash powder) and may sometimes make a crackling noise depending on the composition of the powder.

When where and why did gun powder come about?

Wikipedia has extensive information on the origins of gunpowder / flash powder you should be able to find a wealth of information there.

During early flash photography would the powder used to make the flash get on people and what was the powder made of?

Early flash powder was made of thermite. And yes, it was extremley messy and if the pan holding the flash powder wasn't held carefully could easily cover everything

What are the ingredients in rosemary leaf extract powder?

What are the ingredients face powder?

it depends on what brand and what kind of face powder

How do you make m-80s an what type powder do you use?

Flash powder.

Ingredients to make drinking chocolate powder?

the difference between drinking chocolate powder and cocoa powder

Where do you buy flash powder?

Flash powder is not commercially available - you need to make it yourself from an oxidizer and aluminum or magnesium metal. I recommend a nitrate oxidizer.

What is Prague powder in tagalog?

prauge powder is one of the OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS LIKE TOCINO

Mars bar ingredients?

There are 16 different ingredients in a Mars bar. These ingredients include sugar, glucose syrup, skimmed powder milk powder, milk fat, vegetable fat, and cocoa butter.

Is Kroger brand baking powder double-acting?

Here are the ingredients for double-acting baking powder -- if yours has these ingredients, then it's double-acting. (My can of Kroger baking powder is.) Double Acting Baking Powder Ingredients: Corn Starch Bicarbonate of Soda Sodium Aluminum Sulfate Acid Phosphate of Calcium

Is cocoa powder the same thing as chocolate powder?

No. Chocolate powder is ground chocolate, which has sugar and other ingredients that cocoa powder does not have. no cocoa powder is pure and chocolate powder is processed

If you get flash powder on your hands what do you do?

wash it of with water and soap

Is chili powder and chili pepper the same?

Yes - powder is derived from the peppers No -- chili powder has other ingredients included

What is the difference between black powder and flash powder?

Black powder explodes. Flash powder burns extremely fast (that's why it "flashes") and can be dangerous if you don't handle it right.

Ingredients of an ordinary gelatin in the Philippines?

gelatin powder

What are the ingredients for powder milk?

The contents of a cows udder.

How do you buy flash powder?

you can't buy flash powder. it is used to make firecrackers and explosives, so it is not commercially available. You can make it from an oxidiser and a metallic fuel such as KClO4 and Aluminium.

Why does powder flash back into your face when the gun fires?


What are some of the main ingredients in a Fajita Seasoning Recipe?

Some of the main ingredients in a fajita seasoning recipe are chili powder, salt, paprika, cornstarch, sugar, onion powder, cayenne powder, cumin, and red pepper flakes.

Is curry powder a pure substance?

I don't quite know what you mean by "a pure substance", but if you mean whether or not curry powder is made by mixing multiple ingredients, then the answer is yes. Curry powder is made by mixing a few ingredients together

Do you change baking powder when multiplying cake recipe?

You multiply all the ingredients including the baking powder.

What is baking powder came from?

Baking powder comes from factories. It is manufactured from baking soda and other ingredients.