Where can i find the HLM clan Mafia Wars Facebook?

I am a member of the [HLM] clan. [HLM] is an invite only clan. You have to be noticed by [HLM], you can't just go there an request membership. Unlike most clans, even the recruiting website is a secret, closed group. [HLM] is a warring clan. You will need to have strong A/D to join. Players who focus on energy are not too highly sought after regardless of their level. Most [HLM] members fight 30-200 levels up in wars. Some [HLM] members defected from losing clans in a war because they impressed [HLM] with their fighting ability and were asked to join. [HLM] is also a very small clan compared to others. Where most well known clans will typically have 6,000-10,000 members on their recruiting site alone [HLM] is around 1,000 strong. Despite small numbers [HLM] has held its own against up to 10 clans at once before. [HLM] is far from the strongest clan in MW but is probably the strongest clan of it's size, and stronger than most clans 10 x our size. [HLM] is also a very suspicious clan. If you contact an [HLM] member and start asking about joining most of us will wonder if you really want to join or are just doing recon for a rival clan. Only about 20% of [HLM] members are allowed access to the off FB website. Even after joining you must "prove yourself worthy" of "next level" membership. This requires far more than just adding the [HLM] tag. Long story short: You can't find the [HLM] recruiting site. We will find you.