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Where can low income families find help getting medication?

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From a bank all you need is a gun

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Can you get some statistics proving that the majority of soldiers are poor come from low income families?

You can try, but you're not going to find it. The majority of soldiers come from middle income families, not poor or low income families.

How do you find gov grants for low income families?

you can go to the courthouse

What are the income requirements for section 8 apartments?

The income requirements vary by individuals and families. To find out if you qualify, visit

can you help me to find an organization that can help me from getting my electric from being cut off. i am desperate. thank you?

Contact your electric company. Most of them offer programs for lower income families.

What are the requirements for living in apartments for low income families?

The requirements for living in apartments for low income families will vary depending on the municipality that is overseeing the low income housing. To find out the specific requirements in your locality or for a specific low income housing project, contact the local municipal housing authority that oversees low income housing in your area.

How do you find the median family income?

Add all together and divide by the number of families....median means average.

Low Income Dental Clinic?

form_title=Find a Low Income Dental Clinic form_header=Find a clinic that specializes and focuses on providing dental care to low-income families. What dental services do you need?=_ When was the last time you visited a dentist?=_ Are you currently employed?= () Yes () No

How do I find a low income apartment for rent in Chicago?

The Chicago Housing Department can help assist low-income families and individuals in finding an apartment. Check out to start your search!

Where can you find scholarshops for children in low wage families?

There are plenty of scholarships out there for children from low income families. It is best to check with schools that one is interested in, and request a need based scholarship application.

Where can I find out more about medicare plans?

Medicare is a government offered health care insurance for low income families and seniors. You have to meet certain qualifications. You also need to meet a certain income level.

Where can I find free income tax filing?

You can find free income tax filing by getting the forms from any Canada Post office. You can fill out these forms by hand for free and mail them in once completed.

What medication contains expectorant?

You will usually find it in medication such as Mucinex

I am looking to find an eyecare center that is geared toward helping low-income families.?

You only have renters rights,the bank has the option to have you evicted from the property.

Who usually works in sweatshops?

People that work in the so-called " sweatshops," are low income, uneducated individuals living in precarious conditions in under-developed countries. These individuals find themselves in desperate need to have an income to support their families.

How ti find smallest income in array?

/* to find smallest income*/ double smalincome=income[0]; for(i=1;i<=n;i++) { if(income[i]<smalincome) { smalincome=income[i]; } } System.out.println("The smallest income is" +smalincome);

How can you calculate headcount index?

Take the amount of families below the poverty line and multiply it by how many people are in those families as the headcount index uses individuals not entire families to calculate to the index. Once you get the amount of individuals living in poverty you divide it by the total population. Ex: 2000 Families of 2 have an income less than the poverty line. 4000 Families of 2 have an income over the poverty line. 2000 Families of 4 have an income less than poverty line. 4000 Families of 4 have an income over the poverty line. First the number of individuals in poverty: (2000 * 2) + (2000 * 4) = (4000) + (8000) = 12,000 Then find the total population (2000 * 2) + ( 4000 * 2) + (2000 * 4) + (4000 *4) = 36,000 12,000 / 36,000 = 33.33% So the headcount here would show us that 1/3 of the total population is in poverty.

What did these share croppers do when the trend ended?

Many sharecroppers migrated North in search of work when the trend to till land for others ended due to industrialization. Since they were not getting ahead sharecropping year after year, they were better off moving on and trying to find employment where families could be supported by the income.

Where can I find grammar worksheets for free?

The stationary store carries free grammar worksheets. It is free to low income families or if you make a small donation to the local charity of your choice.

Where can I find pictures of the members of the Hatfield and McCoy families?

You can find images of the two families in the attached link.

Where can I find apartments for low income families?

Beyond your local classifieds, most states have housing departments or bureaus that can connect you with local housing opportunities. HUD is a good federal resource.

Where you can find Low income Apartments list if there online?

Where can i find a list of low income apartments?

How can you find out if your social was used on someone elses tax return?

When you fill out your income return correctly and file it and this has been done the IRS will be getting in touch with you and the other taxpayer to determine which income tax return was correct.

Where can I find out about income tax?

Income tax is a tax levied on the income of individuals and/or businesses. To find out more go to

Where can I find out about the income limits for subsidized apartments?

You can find out about the income limits for subsidized apartments by visiting

Where can I find printable Maine Income tax forms?

"Where can I find printable Maine income tax forms?"

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