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Most airlines have a senior citizen discount that can be applied to regular tickets. This website can tell you about which airlines do.

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Q: Where can my grandparents find information on discount airfare for seniors?
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Does delta have senior discount airfare?

Delta offers discounts for seniors on flights but they are not available for online purchases. You would have to give them a call to see what the discount is.

Where can I get some information on Travelocity?

Travelocity is a great site offering discount deals on airfare, hotel accommodations and car rental. They also offer seniors discounts. You can visit them online at

Are there any places that offer discounted airfare?

There are definitely places that offer discounted airfare for seniors. You should ask a travel agent for information or look yourself for good deals .

Does Kmart have a seniors discount?

no kmart does not have a discount soo seniors plz stop asking

Which airlines offer seniors discounts on travel to China?,,, and are all contenders on low-priced airfare. As far as China goes, your best bet is to plug the information into each site and see which gives the biggest discount.

Do seniors get a discount at home depot?


Where can I find travel discount for seniors?

Yes, you can find information on senior discounts for seniors on the following website: They have useful info.

Which hotels give seniors discounts?

Many hotels offer discount rates to seniors. You can find more information by visiting hotel websites such as or

Where to book online discount travel for seniors?

Orbitz is a good website to book online travel for seniors. They also have good discount rates.

How old do you have to be to get the shoppers drugmart seniors discount?

you have to be 60+

Does See's candy give discount for seniors?

yes they do

Where can I find some discount cruises for seniors?

Yes, there are several discount cruises for seniors. Here's one : Your great-aunt needs to be over 55 to qualify for the discount.

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