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One can buy a Verizon wireless network extender at your local Radioshack. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you find the extender you want to use.

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Q: Where can one buy a Verizon wireless network extender?
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I will be staying at Kaiser hospital in vallejo. Is there a wireless network that can be used in hospital?

A verizon wirless card can be used in a hospital you can buy it at any verizon store.

Where can you find a wireless extender in Brooklyn?

I personally do not know where to find a wireless extender in Brooklyn because I have never been there before but if you call your local stores, I am sure they will be able to provide some answers for you guys. Where I live best buy is the best place to buy a wireless extender.

Did Verizon buy AT and T?

Verizon and AT&T have different operating systems towards each other. Verizon Wireless is a CDMA network where AT&T is a GSM network. Therefore, switching all this over would be expensive and difficult. So, no.

Is it possible to buy unlocked phones for Verizon Wireless?

Verizon is the phone company. If you bought a phone from Verizon it would most likely be locked to the verizon network. If you purchase an unlocked phone, you would need to buy a simcard from Verizon in order to activate the phone with that company.

Where can I buy a wireless range extender in Orlando, Florida area?

You can buy a wireless range extender in your nearest department store of best buys or staples. Or you can visit BJs or simply but it online for a cheaper price.

Where can you buy Verizon wireless phones wholesale?

Contact Verizon contact a wholesale company Platinum Wireless

How can you boost a WiFi signal without paying for service?

Buy a wireless range extender

Can you buy a gray razor from Verizon Wireless?

yes you can

Do you find Verizon wireless phones stylish?

Verizon phones look the same as any wireless phone you would buy. Verizon is the name of the wireless company, not the manufacturer of the phone. You can purchase "stylish gear" from Verizon to customize the look of your phone to something that suits you.

Who sells wireless network adapters?

You can go and buy a wireless network adapter at Wal-Mart wherein they offer you different brands of wireless network adapters. You can also buy such network adapters at,

Is it free texting to people with the same network as you?

It all depends on the contract you have. Some like the "In" contract with Verizon Wireless allow you to send texts unlimited to anyone else within the Verizon "In" network. Others, like AT&T will charge you for texts regardless of network provider unless you buy the unlimited texting packages, in or out of network.

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