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Premium Bonds are lottery bonds issued in the United Kingdom where the bondholders are paid dividends via a random, monthly drawing. Recent winners of the Premium Bond Lottery appear on the National Savings and Investment Agency's website and past winners can be found on The London Gazette's website by searching for the keyword "unclaimed prizes".

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Q: Where can one check Premium Bonds online?
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What are some benefits of buying premium bonds?

Premium bonds offer higher interest rates than bonds sold at par. However, there is a premium cost that one must pay. Don't let that deter you, as the extra interest should more than pay the premium when the bond reaches maturity. The other benefit of Premium bonds is that they are less volatile than par bonds.

Which websites carry details on I bond rates?

NS&I ( is the one to go. They have various bond packages to fit your needs such as Premium bonds, Income bonds, Children bonds to name a few. Otherwise check your local banking institution to compare your choices.

Who sells savings bonds?

Bonds may be purchased at banks, online at TreasuryDirect, or where one works, if one's employer has such a deduction plan.

What is a one pound premium bond from 1971 worth today?

Premium bonds pay no interest so a £1.00 premium bond is worth £1.00. However, in liew of interest, each bond enters you into a monthly lottery draw , so the account holder may have won some money. if you know the holders number it is relatively easy to check, otherwise you have to contact NS&I and jump through hoops.

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What does it mean when one has market risk premium?

When one has market risk premium he/she is willing to take an financial risk. The risk premium is how much value stocks should return over a risk-free investment. Stocks are considered a higher financial risk (and possible a faster gain) opposed to, for instance, bonds.

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What is the biggest monthly prize that holders of premium bonds can win?

In recent history, the highest amount that someone has won from the National Premium Bonds is one million pounds. This amount has been won twice in the time period from 2005 to 2009.

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Usually it is necessary to pay for premium accounts. If one wants to get a free one, he needs to follow certain instructions, which all depend on the site for which he wants to get the free premium account. It is possible to find the instructions online, and there are Youtube videos that visualize them.

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