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Here is a list of Toyota models that would be considered sports models (see related link below). It is a timeline of Toyota models throughout the years to showcase their historical involvement in designing performance vehicles.

Unfortunately, with the exception of the Scion FR-S(Front engine Rear wheel- Sport), Toyota has been low key lately as far as 'sports' models go. While their lineup features models that have excellent style and performance, you couldn't really compare them to a GT-R or even a Tiburon much less label them 'sports' anything.

There have been murmurings, however, of a successor to the MR2 and development to create Supra's descendant is supposed to be underway.

Here's an MT article about the Supra's bundle of joy to come (see related link below). Have fun telling your friends about the purported 400 hp I4 Toyota that we hope to be seeing in the next 5 years.

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Q: Where can one find a list of Toyota sports cars?
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