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One can find a list of football clubs in England by using the website Wkipedia. The website presents a list of football clubs that play in the top ten levels of the English football league. Most of the clubs are directly in England, however some are located outside of England and operate in the English football league.

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Q: Where can one find a list of football clubs in England?
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The three most successful clubs in England are Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal.

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No Email addresses here please.

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6th, est in 1871

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It is Real Madrid, followed by Manchester United.These two clubs last year were the only clubs to make300 million pounds earnings.

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One can find a list of football positions at football training guides that are available for free online. One could also ask a qualified football coach for more information.

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Here is a list of football teams in England that begin with Y. Yate TownYaxleyYeovil TownYork CityYork Railway InstituteYorkshire AmateurYorkshire MainYoung Warriors

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