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You can find an overview of how Savings Bonds work online at Treasury Direct. On this website there is information on Savings Bonds including Savings Bond Calculator, Savings Bonds Wizard, Value Files and FRB Locator and more.

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Q: Where can one find an overview of how savings bonds work?
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How savings bonds work?

Savings bonds are an investment that will grant you interest based on how long you have the bond. The interest is comprised of either an annual or semiannual basis and will give you a larger sum over a longer period of time.

Where is the best place online to find a savings calculator.?

If you want to find a savings calculator online, I would check out or if you find that unsatisfactory you can also use: Both calculators should work well!

How do premium bonds work in National Savings?

Premium bonds are bonds that you buy that make you eligible to win a cash prize every month. Even if you do not win, your bonds will be 100% secure although you they may become less valuable over time due to inflation.

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Do online savings accounts work as in bank savings accounts?

Yes, online savings accounts do work the same as brick and mortar banks. In fact you may find that some online banks pay higher interest rates and are more convient.

How do savings bonds work?

When you buy a savings bond, you get a coupon payment periodically during the lifetime of the bond (typically 3%-4% of the face value), and when the bond matures, you get the original amount of money you paid back as well as the final coupon payment.

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There are many college savings plans to choose from, one of the easiest is a 529 college savings plan. With a 529 you pay no tax on the earnings from the account, there is no age limit on the account and anyone can contribute to the plan. Its best to contact your financial insitution to find what will work best for your family and your child's educational goals.

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