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You can find many varieties of cheap touch screen digital camera on Ebay, Walmart or Best Buy. If you need an upgrade, you can ask for camera specialists or go direct to Canon, Nikon, Olympus or Sony.

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The least expensive touch screen camera that Sony manufactures is the Sony Cyber Shot. The cameras range in price from just over a hundred dollars to just over four hundred dollars. The cameras have a range of other fine features along with being a touch screen digital camera.

Yes, touch screen cameras can go for an affordable price, and they are very simple to use, and the book that tells you is very helpful, so it's actually really easy.

Yes, nearly all the new models of the Olympus cameras offer a touch screen. Some of the older models have touch screen but are limited in their use and are few in numbers.

You can find digital cameras for sale at Sams Club. However, your selection will vary depending on what the one you visit currently has in stock. They do not have any touch screen tvs listed on their website.

Some common features that high speed digital cameras have include: image quality, LCD touch screen, slow motion ability, USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet and built in SSD.

Touch screen phones are not cheap as they comprise the newer more convenient touch screen technology. Try looking at your weekly Sunday paper inserts for the latest sales.

You can buy a touch screen monitor by Gvision. But if you are looking for a good quality touch screen computer you can find cheap ones at best buy. Those brands include HP, Dell, and Acer.

Yes it does. It also has two cameras and much more!

According to CNET the best compact digital camera are the new sleek small cameras that have touch screen built in the camera. Also, the camera's will better pixels and the higher the pixels the clearer the images will be.

The Cyber-shot digital camera is a Sony product. These cameras are valued for being pocket-sized and also for their point and shoot capability. Cameras are available in a variety of colors and many feature touch screens.

One special feature of a touch screen camera is that on the screen you can touch the subject you want to focus on. Another feature is when you are playing back your photos you can advance or go back by swiping the screen with your finger. You can also zoom in on the picture by tapping the screen.

Some features of Fujifilm FinePix touch screen camers are the easy operation with touch screen while shooting and viewing material and the playback and multi frame playback function.

The new Ipod touch and one of the old Ipod nanos both have digital cameras built in. Some other mp3 players also have digital cameras built in though. Ipods are just the most well-known.

A sony digital reader is 198.00 dollars. If you want the sony digital reader, touch screen it is 298.00 dollars.

Nikon digital cameras are equipped with some of the latest features in digital photography. For example, the Coolpix series has become a popular line of point and shoot cameras because they are affordable and user friendly. Touch screen technology allows for easy navigation through camera settings. Additionally, HD video recording capabilities allow users to capture movies in 720p quality. When it comes to image quality, most Nikon cameras offer image resolutions between 12 and 16 Megapixels.

A touch screen camera can work just as great as a digital camera. In fact, many people prefer using a touch screen camera over a digital camera. The reason using a touch screen camera can be so beneficial is because it takes very clear pictures. The touch screen camera on an iPhone also takes pictures very fast. There is no waiting around for a flash to go off with the use of a touch screen camera. A touch screen camera also allows one to transfer pictures from an iPhone to other online applications, such as Facebook. Pictures can also be easily text messaged when they are taken from a touch screen camera.

One can purchase a digital camera with a touch screen from the Amazon and eBay websites. One can also visit the Best Buy store where they can purchase models such as the Nikon Coolpix and Canon Powershot.

The top brands of camera are definitely Nikon and Canon. Their top of the line models offer touch screen capabilities, but at a price. For ancost-effective alternative, the iPod touch is a nice choice.

Ipod touches do not have actual cameras. you can take screenshots of what is on the screen, but not counting the newest generation of ipod touch, there is no camera.

Touch screens have been used for many years in various applications. The first use of touch screens in cameras was seen as soon as touch screens were made sufficiently small to fit them to compact still and video cameras. They were seen in mass produced models from 2001 onwards and have become very common ever since.

HP PW460T 12 MP, HP PW460T 12 MP, HP PW 360TB 12 MP and HP PB360 12 MP are touch screen HP cameras. They are well within your budget, going for $100-$150 each.

no,it can not be a touch screen if it is non touch screen.

i don't think so but you can go on eBay and get a new screen cheap.

I believe you are referring to the screen only. A touch screen works as a input and output device

One can find a cheap car stereo that has touch screen from Amazon and the Touch Screen Car Stereos Website has more information on the popular brands which also lists further specifications on the model. Amazon has a Dual XDVD1170 with a seven inch touchscreen display for $155.