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Here's a link, I am unfamiliar with Houston's ADHD resources, but CHADD (a nonprofit ADD network should be able to help, here is a link to their main site, they have a clearinghouse of links and other info. Good luck! My kids had problems with attention, sequencing, calming down and so on--never diagnosed with ADD. However, I found that Houston has a great center for Sensory Integration, which diagnoses and gives them skills to overcome the issues. The best, and the one I used, was Occupational Therapy Center, Inc. Sensory Integration is an additional certification, and the test they give is valid and robust. They did an excellent job with both my boys and both have graduated from college and are working. Not sure it would have happened otherwise. Look up Sensory Integration:

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Q: Where can one find help and treatment for ADHD in the Houston TX area?
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