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One can find information about digital cameras for kids at the site of TopTenReviews. This site offers many reviews from people who had experience with items such as children cameras.

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Q: Where can one find information about digital cameras for kids?
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What companies make kids digital cameras?

There are many companies that make kids digital cameras. Some of the best kids digital cameras are KidiZoom Plus, KidiZoom, Dora Talking Digital Camera and Crayola Kids Digital Camera.

What websites offer digital cameras made for kids?

Yes, there are many websites that have digital cameras for kids. is a website that sells digital cameras for kids that are easy to use and handle.

What is the average price for kids digital cameras on eBay?

There are many options when buying a digital camera for kids. Ebay offers most cameras at an average of $15.99. Some of these cameras even feature recognizable cartoon characters such as Dora.

Where can I find good, appropriate digital cameras for kids?

You can find good inexpensive cameras on sites like Amazon or EBay. To help you make your decision as to which camera to buy, you should read the reviews on Amazon.

How durable are digital cameras made for kids?

Some digital cameras can be specifically marketed towards kids. These are usually more durable than standard digital cameras. Models designed for children are likely to be easy to use and be waterproof and drop-proof. Many child cameras have handles incorporated into the design to make them easier to hold.

What's the newest, hot, kids digital camera?

If your looking for the newest kids digital camera I recommend toys r us. They have a variety of things for kids such as cameras that you and your kids will love.

Where can I find a kids digital camera?

Wal-Mart has a variety of kids digital cameras. Rite Aide also has a very affordable camera for kids with a fairly big viewing screen. Many of these come in Disney or other kid-friendly themes.

What are the best digital cameras for kids?

because a kid wants to see the pictures there creating

Is buying disposable Cameras a waste of money for the kids?

I think that disposable cameras are perfect for kids under twelve years old. Digital cameras can be pricey and kids tend to drop things. I also think that kids like to have actual copies of their photos and this will allow that.

Can you zoom on a kid's digital SAKAR camera?

Yes, there are SAKAR kids digital cameras that allow zoom features. These SAKAR kids digital cameras feature from 2 to 5MP of camera capacity such as Sakar Swivel Shot. The Sakar Swivel Shot allows zooming of lens for up to 5x. It only cost around $30 which is perfect for kids digital camera.

What are some brands of digital cameras for kids?

There are several manufacturers of digital cameras that have specialty product for kids. Some of the more popular ones include Sanrio with the Hello Kitty Camera, Fisher Price's Tough Cam and the Point-Click from Lifeworks.

What company makes kids cameras?

Digital Blue is a company that sells a couple different kinds of children's cameras. They are colorful and easy to you, so they appeal to the children and the parents.

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