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Information about credit card score finders can be found at: Capital One, Scotia Bank, CalcXML, Money Saving Experts, Arvco, Credit Karma, and My Money Coach.

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There's no need to have a credit card to get your credit score. You can use various web based services in order to get your credit score for free -- no credit card required. See the source links for links to sites that can help provide more information on checking your credit score.

It is easy enough to find out more information on your corporate credit score. Transunion credit report offers this convenient service. Check out further information at

When people are in credit debt, they often wonder what their score is. The best score you can get in credit debt depends on many different things. You should ask your credit card company for this type of information.

vanquis is basicly a credit card company that will give you a credit card regardless of your credit score. you will be able to get a credit card and will allow you to get a better credit score

If none of your legal information is attached to the card (SSN for example) then the answer is No it will not affect your presonal credit score.

Generally, no, your credit score will not be reduced if a credit card that you own is not being used. You don't, however, want to cancel the card - cancelling a credit card (whether voluntary or forced by the issuer) does reduce your credit score.

The information that is usually required when using online credit card applications is a social security number, the credit score, and other personal information such as driver's license.

If you have never bought anything on credit, you do not have a credit score.

For qualify for a juniper credit card, you need to first check online where to fill out the information. It will want to check your credit score it see if you are applicable for this specific card.

It is possible to get a prepaid credit card with a bad credit score. Although it is possible to use a prepaid credit card, using one will not improve your credit score.

Online companies such as Money Saving Expert and Experian can help one find their credit score. It is also possible to find out certain information about one's credit score when applying for a credit card or loan.

There are many requirements to applying for a credit card. The biggest requirement is having a good credit score. Without a good credit score, one cannot get a credit card.

no. most of credit card company will decline you appilication.

I also am trying to get this information. One Credit Card Vendor provides a Trans-Union Score and another C.C. company provides a Trans Risk Score. They run about 100 points apart with the Trans Risk score being the lower of the two. Calls to Trans Union and the Credit Card people do not provide any information? . . . Anyone?

No, because its for a business and it's not in your name. It will however change your credit score if and only if you have a business credit card in your name.

What kind of credit score for rc willey

Your credit score is only affected when you volunteer the credit check. When you apply for a credit card, the credit check will show up on your score. However, if you get a pre-approved credit card, the company that sent you the card has already done the check, so that will not show up and affect your score.

most credit card companies that lend to "Prime" consumers like to see a credit score of 650 or higher... any score over750 is considered excellent

Yes, it is possible to obtain an aqua credit card with just a fair credit score, though it's easier if you have a good score.

Credit Karma will give you your scores from all 3 credit reporting agencies and they do it for free with no credit card needed. It is a great way to check up on your credit score and information.

Yes, canceling a credit card always reduces your credit score. It never improves your credit score if you cancel a credit card account. If you have had the card for more than 2 years, or if you have a substantial amount of available credit at the time that you close the account, then the reduction in your credit score is even greater. However, if it makes sense to you to close the card, and you do not plan large purchases in the near future, your credit will recover without your feeling the difference.

There are many prepaid credit cards that can benefit your credit score. They usually charge you annual fees, but they report to all three major credit bureaus each month, which can help you get back on your feet if you have bad credit. No, they cannot. Your name and personal information aren't linked to that card and there are no bills to pay to prove your credit-worthiness. A secured credit card works similarly to gift cards and will improve your credit score.

Someone's credit card limit is determined by examining their credit score. Typically, one who has good credit will receive a much higher credit card limit than one who has a bad credit score.

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