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If someone were looking for a job as a pediatric nurse practitioner, they could look on many sites online. These online sites include Indeed and Snag-A-Job.

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Q: Where can one find job listings for a pediatric nurse practitioner?
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How can you find openings for Nurse Practitioner jobs?

There are many ways such as going to your local hospitals and looking for openings. You could also try the Healthy Careers Network they have many job listings for any Nurse Practitioner job you may be interested in.

What are the responsibility's of a Pediatric Nurse?

Interview a pediatric nurse and find out. Don't be so lazy.

Where can one find listings for graduate nurse jobs?

You can find listings for graduate nurse jobs online at the Indeed website. Alternatively, you can find these listings available at the Career Builder website.

Where can I find nurse practitioner job listings?

Online job boards for nurse practitioners include,, and, as well as other regular online job boards. RNP's are also encouraged to apply at local hospitals and doctor's offices.

Would a nurses registry be a good choice to find nurse practitioner work?

A nurse's registry would be a great place to find nurse practitioner work. It contains a plethora of information that can help you in your job search.

Where can one find listings of pediatric nursing jobs in the US?

Listings for pediatric nursing jobs in the US can be found from many different resources. Some online resources for these jobs include Indeed and Explore Health Careers.

Where can a person find listings of available dental nurse jobs?

One can find listings of available dental nurse jobs on sites like Craigslist, Kijiji or on Indeed. One can also visit a local job center to find and apply to all available nurse jobs in ones area.

Would there be apprenticeship programs available for nurse practitioner?

There are some university hospitals that have apprenticeship programs available for a nurse practitioner. Some of the larger hospitals also have them. The best way to find out if they have one in your area is to contact them and ask.

What training do I need to become a nurse practitioner?

There are a number of schools that offer training for nurse practitioners. has a lot of resources to find out more information.

Who makes more money a Nurse Practininer or a Registered Nurse?

A Nurse Practitioner generally makes more money than a Registered Nurse. A Registered Nurse could possibly have a Diploma, an Associates Degree, or a Bachelor's Degree. A Nurse Practitioner has a Master's Degree or higher. Many nurses who return to school for their NP find that their annual pay decreases as an NP versus an experienced acute care RN. However, they may also find that their schedule and work environment are more comfortable.

Where can one find listings of LPN programs in California?

One can find listings of LPN programs in California on a number of websites. They are available on sites such as 'Licensed Practical Nurse', 'Excite', 'indeed' and 'Best Nursing Degree'.

Where can one find a listing for Occupational Health Nurse jobs in Toronto?

The best thing for you to do is to go to a website called "Indeed" These have many listings, and there are listings for occupational health nurses there.

What antibiotic works best for a kidney infection?

It depends on what type of bacteria is causing the infection. You would have to go to a physician/PA/nurse practitioner to find out.

Where can I find information on nurse practitioner schooling?

I do not know where you are located so it is hard for me to give you advice. I would suggest contacting your locale community college to find out if they offer such courses.

How much demand will there for a nurse practitioner?

There is always a need for qualified nurse practitioners, especially in high population areas like Orlando, Florida. If you are looking for a nursing job, there are many websites and blogs that list open positions. A great blog to find a nursing job is http:/nursingjobaday.blogspot.comIf you interested in working as a nurse practitioner in Florida, especially in Orlando, this site is great: http:/

Do any schools offer online or distance learning nurse practitioner programs?

The University of Phoenix offers distance learning for nurse practicioners. You can find out more and request information by visiting

How much does a pediatric nurs get paid in one year?

This answer is from the website: Now, lets talk about money. The salaries for nurses vary greatly depending on the area of the country in which you live and the type of facility that you work in. The average salary for an RN is around $30,000/year. This range can go from closer to $20,000 to more than $50,000. The average salary for Nurse Practitioners is around $50,000. Again, this can vary from $40,000 to around $100,000. My Comments: If you want to find out more about pediatric nursing, and perhaps how to become a Nurse Practitioner, then I would check out the website I provided. It contains a series of 18 questions and answers, all directly related to pediatric nursing. Hope this helps! Make it fabulous day for you and someone else!

Where can I find a list of physician assistant jobs? is an employment job board listing physician assistant jobs and nurse practitioner jobs from thousands of healthcare organizations ...

What qualifications do you need to become a pediatric nurse?

the easiest way to become a pediatric nurse through an internship (job training) where you receive specialized training and of course, the experience. and also take a CPN (Certified Pediatric Nurse) exam. you need to first become a nurse even before you practice pediatrics. so find a nursing school near you to get you started! For nursing, usually, you need: - Biology (at least, but its a plus if you have Physics and/or Chemistry) - English lit/lang for gcse but thats about it.. plus English and Biology are always good choices for A level!

What is the best way for a nurse to find employment in Dallas?

The best way for a nurse to find employment in Dallas is going to Another good site is and are two great sites for jobseekers. They will have all the listings for the Dallas area.

Nurse Practitioner Training ?

Nurse Practitioners are highly qualified Nurses who have not only completed their Registered Nursing requirements, but who have furthered their education at a graduate level and attained a Masters Degree in Nursing. They must be licensed as both a Registered Nurse, or RN, and a Nurse Practitioner. The difference between a Registered Nurse and a Certified Nurse Practitioner is that Nurse Practitioners can see patients, much like a physician. They can diagnose conditions and provide prescriptions to patients, order lab tests and help to interpret the results. Nurse practitioners work under the supervision of physicians to provide a high level of skilled patient care. Frequently, Nurse Practitioners work in doctors' offices and hospitals to offer patients access to better care. Some Nurse Practitioners are qualified to work in general surgery situations and to perform minor procedures, much as a doctor could. But it takes much less training to become a Nurse Practitioner. Nurse Practitioners often start in the healthcare field as LPNs or RNs and while working, study to complete their Certified Nurse Practitioner qualifications. This will generally include intensive academic studies as well as a myriad of clinical requirements. The work is intense and only very dedicated students will complete the requirements. Nurse practitioner training must take place at an accredited university in order for graduates to qualify to take the required licensing examination. Depending on the program, students might be required to complete a Bachelor's Degree program prior to starting on their Master's Degree. Some programs are actually designed to take students with LPN certification or an Associate's Degree in Nursing straight to a Nurse Practitioner certification. For this reason, depending on your educational background, it is important to talk to several schools to determine what sort of Nurse Practitioner Training will work best for you. It will take several years of work to complete this training program, however it will offer excellent salary and benefits once you have completed the requirements. If you are interested in becoming a Nurse Practitioner, be aware that the health care industry is in need of qualified professionals with the training and experience necessary to extend excellent patients care in many different settings. There has never been a better time to get started. Finding financial assistance to complete the training has never been easier either. Talk to schools offering Nurse Practitioner Training to find out how you can get moving on a new career path today.

If you have finished medical school and a pediatric residency and you are a licensed pediatrician how long will it take you to find a job?

As a licensed pediatrician, there are job listings in almost every state in the US. It should take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months, at the most.

How will I find out about nurse job vacancies?

Visit the websites of your local hospitals and check their "careers" or "jobs" pages. These pages may have an RSS feed you can subscribe to that will update you with the newest listings.

What college classes must be taken to become a pediatric nurse?

Have you ever thought to look at a college of nursing web site? Might find something there instead of expecting to be spoon fed answers on this page.

Where can one find listings for vacation apartments?

You can find listings for vacation apartments at the Trip Advisor website. Alternatively, you can also find listings for vacation apartments at the Expedia website.