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There are many places where one can find more information about donation pick ups. One can find more information about donation pick ups at popular on the web sources such as Donation Town and Goodwill.

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2013-07-09 08:11:28
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Q: Where can one find more information about donation pick ups?
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Where in the California can one find a car donation center for charity?

The website Donate a Car contains a list of charity organizations in California and an online form for donation. They will pick up the car for free and the donation is generally tax-deductible.

Where can I find good truck donations sites in NY?

The Salvation Army is one national reputable charity that has a donation center in NY. They will come pick up the truck from you, or you can drive the truck to their donation center.

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How do I make an auto donation to a charity?

Find a reputable charity that you support and visit their website so see if they accept car donations directly. Once you find one that does, you can either drive the car to the charity's donation center, or often they have someone who can come pick up the car from your home. After the donation, you will receive a receipt and you can write off the value of the car on your taxes.

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Where can i find a donation box for today?

Most all charity organizations have a place, such as a drop box or a building that items can be dropped off for donations. You should call them to see how they prefer to accept donations. If it is a large donation, they may come pick it up for you.

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Where can I send my junk car for a donation in Los Angeles, CA?

Here's a place that will pick up your car for donation: . They accept cars in any condition, even junkers.

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