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You could purchase an extended warranty on your vehicle by the company that manufactures your car. You should be able to find a number for that company inside your car guide.

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Q: Where can one get an extended car warranty?
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What does an extended warranty do and how can I get one?

The benefits of having an extended warranty for a car is if you are in a car accident the warranty will cover the cost damages. To get a car warranty you can go to a site called

How can one get a used car extended warranty in the US?

You can learn how to get a Used Car Extended Warranty in the United States by going on the website of wikihow/extended warranty for a car. They will walk you through step by step on how to get a Used Car Extended warranty and not get ripped off while doing it.

Is there a warrenty when you purchase a car at a used car auction?

Get an extended warranty whenever you buy a used car. We'll review extended car warranty companies like Warranty Direct. Be sure to read our chapter on Extended Warranty Scams & Tips. If you buy a used car and an extended warranty, and if the car is found to have a salvaged title, it will void your extended warranty. You'll be out several hundred dollars. one can also link to DMV Web Sites For All 50 States.

How can one get extended car warranties?

When purchasing a vehicle from a dealership, one should speak with his or her salesperson about purchasing an extended warranty on the car being purchased. One may also purchase the extended warranty on a car up to 31 days after purchase.

How do you extend car warranty?

go to for an extended warranty

Which extended car warranty company is best for a first time customer?

The extended car warranty will be offered to you at the time of purchase so if you are buying a new car you really have no choice but to use the one the dealer offers you.

What are the release dates for The Car Coach - 2011 Extended Warranty for Your Car?

The Car Coach - 2011 Extended Warranty for Your Car was released on: USA: 30 August 2012

Were could I get prices on used car extended warranty coverage?

You can go to,,, Car Tips & Advice Auto Warranty

What are the features as part of a Buick's extended warranty?

The company Buick allows their customers to be able to purchase an extended warranty on their products. The extended warranty covers the cost of some repairs on the car. The extended warranty can be expensive.

Why should a driver buy an extended car warranty?

A driver should consider buying an extended car warranty to keep their car under the warranty for a longer period of time. An extended warranty means that there is a longer window for the vehicle to be covered for free repairs or replacements if it has problems.

Which company offers the best extended car warranty?

There are so many extended car warranty companies offering deals in the current climate that working out which is the best for your lifestyle can be confusing. By visiting one of several comparison sites you will be able to enter details of the make of car and a click of a button will compare a range of extended car warranty companies.

How does one check their eligibility for a Subaru extended warranty?

If someone has a Subaru car and wishes to check their eligibility for the extended warranty then the best thing to do is ask at a Subaru dealer. They will be able to access the car records.