Where can one get individual health care coverage?

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Individual health care coverage can be obtained from many different sources. Some examples of these individual health care coverage sources include Humana, Health Net, and Anthem.

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Q: Where can one get individual health care coverage?
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What company offers individual health coverage?

Almost all companies that offer family health coverage also offer individual health care! The top 3 companies in the nation for health care are Unitedhealth Group, Wellpoint Inc. Group, and Kaiser Foundation Group. You can contact one of these in your area, or another health care company, and get a free quote for your plan.

Where can one get individual health insurance coverage?

There are many online sources that help people find and get individual health insurance coverage. One example is eHealthInsurance, which guides people to providers such as LifeWise.

Why might one consider using Florida Individual and Family Health Insurance?

One might consider using both Florida individual and family health care insurance to provide a more extensive coverage in the case of injury. Also the family health insurance will cover some things that the florida individual will not.

Who are the cheaper health insurance companies?

The cost of health insurance is influenced by the individual's age, existing health conditions and sex. Additionally the cost of coverage is influenced by the amount of deductible, the type of coverage, amount of co-pays (if any), coverage on office visits, etc. United Health One, Preferred Care Blue Rate PPO and Aetna Preventive and Hospital Care 2750 PPO are among the plans offering attractive rates.

Is depression a disqualifying condition for individual health care coverage?

Depends on the Insurance Company and how bad the depression is. Is it one time situational - like a divorce or death, medications? Hospitalizations?

Where can one find good health coverage?

In many countries, such as those in Europe, health coverage is provided by the state as a basic human right. Anyone living in a country that does not provide free health care would need to buy health coverage from an insurance company. Many such countries have insurance companies specializing health care insurance.

You own a company in a state where state funds aren't mandated for employee health insurance What is one option for providing your employees with health care coverage for work-related injuries?

Self insurance coverage

What does one refer to when speaking about health care insurance?

Health care insurance refers to the medical security one receives. If a person is insured by a Health care provider, they may receive financial coverage for any medical bills they have. Some health care providers have different terms and conditions which may lead to some injuries not being covered by them.

How does one get private health coverage?

"You get private health coverage or insurance by purchasing it from a private health insurance company. There is Athem Blue Cross, and that is the main one."

What is a sub plan?

health care expenses are funded by insurance coverage; the individual selects one of each type of provider to create a customized network and pays the resulting customized insurance premiumEach provider is paid a fixed amount per month to provide only the care that an individual needs from that provider(sub-capitation payment)

What is the meaning of the word humanaone?

Humana One is a health insurance plan. Humana One offers dental and vision coverage. The company states that it offers a very affordable form of health care.

How would one go about buying individual health insurance?

To go about buying individual health insurance one must at first be at least 18, and then should call a health care company to try to set up a healthcare plan.

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