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One may purchase tickets for Vikings-Packers games from a local or online Ticket Master office. Tickets can also be purchased at the Minnesota Vikings website or office as well as online at StubHub.

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Q: Where can one get vikings packers tickets?
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Who will win vikings or packers?

Vikings beat packers twice!!!!!!

Where can one buy cheap Minnesota Vikings tickets?

One can buy cheap Minnesota Vikings tickets from a number of different websites. One can purchase cheap Minnesota Vikings tickets at websites such as Good Seat Tickets, StubHub, and Cheap Tickets.

Where can one purchase tickets to Minnesota Vikings games?

One can purchase tickets for Minnesota Vikings games in the official online website Vikings and other website such as ticketsnow, gotickets and tickets.

What was the packers record against the vikings from 1987 though 1989?

The Packers won 5 of 6 games from the Vikings between 1987-1989: 1987 - October 4: Packers 23, Vikings 16 December 13: Packers 16, Vikings 10 1988 - October 16: Packers 34, Vikings 14 December 11: Packers 18, Vikings 6 1989 - October 15: Vikings 26, Packers 14 November 26: Packers 20, Vikings 19

Where might one purchase tickets to a Vikings game?

One can purchase tickets to a Vikings game from a variety of locations. One can get one direct from the box office of the Minnesota Vikings, or sites such as Ticketmaster.

How many times have the packers beat the vikings?

The packers have beaten the vikings 50 times as of 2010.

Who has a bigger rivalry Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers or the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears?

The Bears and the Packers have a bigger rivalry than the Vikings and the Packers do.

Where can you purchase Vikings football tickets?

One can simply go to the "Vikings" own website to purchase tickets for upcoming events and matches. They also offer tickets for sale at the stadium's entrance.

Nov 1st 2009 did the MN Vikings beat the Greenbay Packers?

Yes, the score was Vikings 38, Packers 26

What team is better packers or vikings?

The Packers by a slim margin, holding a total record of 55-49-1 against the Vikings.

What is the win-loss record of the vikings versus the packers games?

The overall record between the Vikings & Packers is 45-49-1.

If the Packers and Vikings tie how do you determine who wins the bet?

Clearly this bet should be determined by the Badgers vs Gophers game that is one day before the Packers vs. Vikings game! That is an obvious answer silly. It is also a commonly known fact that the Packers are 69x better than those pesky vikings.

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