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Where can one learn more about animal behavior?


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One can learn more about animal behavior in several ways. One can talk to a zoologist or an animal biologist at their local university/college. One can also research it through reading books written on the subject of animal behavior or by browsing websites that are written by animal behavior specialists (such as the Animal Behavior Journal)

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There are two types of behaviors. One is learned behavior. which an animal gets by trial and error or by imitating other animals. The second kind is instinctive behavior, which an animal is born with and doesn't need to learn.

Animal's at a very young age soon learn what kind of behavior is acceptable and unacceptable all according to the owner/trainer. Some of the behaviors they learn is patience, this is a good quality for animals to have in order to learn, grow and listen. As well a protective feeling towards their care taker. More qualities about their behavior shows up because each animal is different each one will behave differently.

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I do not know. But I think it's by their behavior.

There are many things that could stimulate behavior by an animal. One thing is the need that an animal needs for food.

A learned behavior is a behavior that was observed by an individual that they find it to be beneficial to them in some way. There's a motivating factor behind it. Also, it can be conditioned. the learned behavior is a conditioned response to a stimuli through either voluntary or involuntary intent. A learned behavior is some type of action or reflex that you learn. For example tying your shoes is a learned behavior, but crying is not. A learned behavior is one that you decide to learn, unlike 'innate' behavior. This is not a natural behavior, instead it is learned by that being. You can learn these behaviors by watching others do them, such as riding a bike or learning to write.

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Some dolphins will learn to use a sponge in the wild. Other than that, they learn certain behaviors if they are in captivity.

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