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A good place to look for a Nissan Micra would first be the Nissan dealer in your area. You can go to the Nissan website to find the dealer nearest to you. There are places online that have the Nissan Micra available, including Auto Trader and VCars.

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Q: Where can one locate Nissan Micra sales?
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Where could one find Nissan Micra cars for sale?

The best place to find Nissan Micra cars for sale is at a Nissan car dealership. Although the price is slightly higher at the dealership, dealerships often have large car sales, so if you are willing to wait until the dealership has such a sale, you can get a great price on a Nissan Micra car.

In what countries are the Nissan Micra cars sold?

The Nissan Micra is sold in over 160 countries. The main places of purchase are Germany, Canada, and countries in Asia. If you have the money, it is suggested you get one!

Where can one buy a cheap Nissan Micra?

A cheap Nissan Mircra can be purchased at any car dealership in your local area. When cutting down on expenses for a Nissan Micra it is best to buy a used car rather than a brand new one.

Where can one find reviews on Nissan Micra cars?

One can find reviews on Nissan Micra cars at AutoTrader. This site will give you all the information you will need to make an informed decision on whether to buy this car or not.

Can one purchase a Haynes repair manual for a Nissan Micra?

There are various places one can purchase a Haynes repair manual for a Nissan Micra. One place to look would be from a car retailer. One can also purchase it from Amazon or eBay.

What car does Leo have in The Vow besides the one they totaled?

A nissan micra . LoL :D

Hi i am planning to purchase a hatchback car in India my choices are Maruti Swift Nissan Micra Hyundai i10 and maruti zen estilo. Can anyone please suggest which one would be best for Ladies?

Nissan Micra Hyundai is gud for nice ladies

Where is it possible to get a Nissan repaired?

One can have a Nissan repaired at their local Nissan dealer where they have qualified repair persons. One can locate the nearest one directly from the Nissan website.

Where can one purchase a new Nissan car?

One can go to a local Nissan dealer to purchase a Nissan car. One can locate a dealer by going to the Nissan website and looking for desired locations.

How many timing chains does a 1997 Nissan Micra have?

One, remove the timing cover. The chain is under there. Don't forget timing of the chain.

How many dwarfs can you fit into a Nissan Micra at any one time?

Around 100. You just have to know how to squeez them in there. You might have to put in a few upsidedown.

Where is the fuel cutoff switch in a Nissan Micra and how do you turn it back on?

dont know if there is one but i think it's somewhere in the boot/trunk on the drivers side its worth a look

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