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You can purchase cheap disposable digital cameras from a variety of locations in Japan. There are vending machines available in the city area, you can go to a convenience or electrical store, or you can order them online.


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Principally China, Singapore and Japan.

The first digital camera for ordinary consumers is said to have most likely been sold in Japan in 1989. Digital cameras are now available in many price ranges.

Finepix is a camera series which is produced by the manufacturer Fujifilm. The company, on the other hand, is from Japan and have their production established both in Japan as well as over seas in the U.S.

Nikon was founded in 1917 in Japan, with Makoto Kimura as the current president. Nikon produced the its first digital camera for NASA in 1991. There is no single person responsible for the production of the first Nikon Digital Camera; it was a company-wide effort.

japan manufactors cars, radios and cameras for a living

Yes, but not all of them

Casio is a electronics manufacturer from Japan that was founded in 1946. In 1995, they manufactured the world's first digital camera, paving the way towards the great photography industry.

Shopping in Japan usually costs more than in the States. However, consumer electronics, such as digital cameras, MP3/4, game players, etc. are popular items for international visitors.

Japan, where the sushi and sumo wrestlers are.

Japan make things such as cameras, computers, tv's, textiles and lots of other things

Japan, China and Singapore, depending on the part or model.

It's "digital." The word was adopted by Japan, just as "tsunami" was adopted by America.

Fujifilm cameras are produced in Japanese factories, and the factory headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. They are then shipped around the world to other vendors.

The concept behind mobile phone cameras and digital cameras are fundamentally the same, but as far as their components go, digital cameras remain superior. Camera phones can come close to the megapixel count of digital cameras (some mobile phones in Japan sport higher than 16MP cameras), but they can't really match other components like lenses, apertures, flash, and sensors. The main reason is that some components require more space than a mobile phone can allow. A real strobe flash ,for instance, is too big for mobile phones, thus they only use LED lights which aren't actual flashes. Lens quality is also an issue, but lenses from popular manufacturers (think Carl Zeiss) are usually better. Here's a good spot to learn more about cameras in mobile phones from an expert:

Cars, computers, cell phones, cameras, electronics.

There major import is Fine China............. And there major exports are steel iron electronics such and cameras.............And the company Sony is from japan........

Sony DSLR cameras are about the same price in Japan. And yes, they do indeed have English language function as well as other languages.

Used to be all in Japan, now mostly in Taiwan.

It used to be that Nikons were all made in Japan, nowadays many are made in China.

Canon has different names around the world for their Rebel (Amateur/Consumer) line of cameras. In the US, the line is known as the Canon Rebel XSi. In Japan, it is alternatively named the Canon Kiss X2 while in Europe and around the world, it is known as the Canon 450D. Canon has done this for at least most of their Rebel cameras. The original Rebel is called the Kiss Digital; the XT is known as the 350D or Kiss Digital N; the XTi is the Kiss Digital X or 450D, the XSi is the 450D or the Kiss X2, and finally, the new XS is the 1000D or the Kiss F. However, the "***D" title (ex. 450D) is often used interchangeably with the "Rebel X**" title (ex. Rebel XSi), even in the US or Japan.

steel iron electronics ships automoblies plastics machinery cameras

Japan or China. It's quite possible the US could churn out the most. Cheese!

Japan produces with their natural resources electronics, acressiories for printers and photo copiers, food for Japans people such as rice. Japan also prodouces : Automobiles (1,500 cc to under 3,000 cc), Automobiles (3,000 cc and over), Automobiles (1,000 cc to under 1,500 cc), Gearboxes and parts, Aircraft and helicopter parts (excluding gearboxes and parts), TV cameras, video camera recorders, digital cameras, Automotive parts and accessories, Longitudinal submerged arc welding transportation pipes (external diameter over 406.4 mm). I hope I answered your question more than "a monkey on a skateboard"!

I guess not all canon g12 cameras are made in Japan. <a href="">Google</a>

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