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One may purchase the IQAir filters from Swiss Pure Air, Walmart or Amazon. These filters are claimed to clean the air's ultra fine particles and provide better quality than standard HEPA type filters.

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Q: Where can one purchase IQAir filters?
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How can someone find replacement IQAir filters?

Replacement IQAir filters for IQAir air purifiers can be purchased from the IQAir website. They are also available from many other sites such as allergycosmos and Sylvane and from Amazon and eBay.

Where can one purchase an IQAir air cleaner?

One can purchase an IQAir air cleaner online on websites such Amazon or eBay. One can also purchase this in stores at places such as Sears or Walmart.

Where can one buy an IQAir filter?

There are a number of different online stores that sell IQAir filters, from Amazon to second hand items on eBay. One could also try Allergy Cosmos and IQAir's own website.

Where can one buy IQAir purifiers?

There are a number of places one can purchase an IQAir purifier. One of the best places to purchase one is from the IQAir official website. Some other retailers include Swiss Pure Air Canada, Home Depot and Amazon.

Where can you purchase IQAir Air Purifiers?

One can purchase IQAir Air Purifiers from a large variety of stores and place both online and offline. One can get them from Best Buy, Lowes, Amazon, and even Ebay.

Where can one purchase an IQAir GC purifier?

you can purchase iqair gc purifier at places like, amazon, gc multigas, chemizsorber and multigas and loads of other places around the united kingdom.

Where can someone purchase a compact IQAir product?

One can purchase a compact IQAir product at physical stores such as Walmart, and online sites such as Amazon and eBay. These products are very cost effective and have received high ratings.

How much does an IQair Cleanroom H13 cost?

An IQAir Cleanroom H13 will cost $1600 for a new one. It is also available from Amazon and Slyvane online, who also sell replacement filters. A used one from eBay would also be available.

Where could one purchase a IQAir HEPA Purifier?

You can purchase a IQAir HEPA Purifier on Amazon or Ebay. One would also try a store like a local Walmart, or a Good Food Store. They usually carry health items like purifiers.

Where can I buy an Iqair Healthpro compact air purifier?

You can purchase an Iqair Healthpro compact online from retailer websites or from such sites as Ebay or Amazon. Alternatively, you can purchase direct from retailers stores such as Kmart or Walmart.

Where can one purchase Carbon Air Filters?

One can purchase carbon air filters at an online retailer such as Amazon or eBay. Alternatively, one could purchase carbon air filters directly from a specialty website such as HTGSupply.

Where can one purchase Brita water filters?

You can purchase Brita water filters at your local Walmart or Target. You can also purchase Brita water filters online at Amazon and have them shipped to your house.

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